Spa Facials – Look Great, Feel Great!

So many of us these days lead stressful and exhausting lifestyles, lifestyles that prove particularly taxing on our looks and our wellbeing in general. To combat this some of us pursue even less healthy lifestyle choices, where we drink and smoke so that we can reduce the stress in our lives. Add to this the diet that many of us have, and it is easy to see why some people end up looking older than their years.

Spa treatments can help to reduce the signs of ageing, and many of them contain very positive benefits as regards your mental health too, with real stress reliving powers that can help us to manage the strains of everyday life. One of these treatments that does a lot of good for our general wellbeing is the facial.

A facial simply exfoliates, hydrates and nourishes the skin on the face, leaving it looking healthy and fresh. However, having a facial for many people also means a calm, relaxing few minutes, with a real sense of refreshment after the treatment has taken place.

When you visit a spa for a facial you can expect to receive a very thorough cleansing of the skin on your face first of all. This will help prepare the face for the deep clean and treatment that will follow. Cotton pads and sponges will be produced by your therapist, who will carefully y wipe your face with cleansing agents, ensuring that the skin is prepped for a treatment. They will make sure that the cleansing agent they use on your skin in this instance is matched to the requirements your skin has. If, for example, you have oily skin, there will be a special agent that can be used for this.

Then your skin will be analysed by a specialist, who will scrutinise your skin thorough a brightly lit lamp, looking out for skin conditions that may need to be taken into account when applying a treatment.

Then the exfoliation will begin, using a chemical or mechanical exfoliant. If you have a mechanical exfoliant, then there may be a slightly gritty texture on your face. Steam can be used with a mechanical exfoliant, but some spas do choose to use specialised steam towels instead.

The therapist will then work on extracting or removing blackheads or whiteheads if this is something that your skin requires. If you have skin that is a little sensitive this may be more uncomfortable than you expect. The same for ruddy skin, if this is what you have.

The best bit comes next. A full facial massage is applied using special techniques. This is a most relaxing experience, and definitely the part that makes a facial worthwhile. It precedes the application of a special facial mask, which is specially formulated to match your skin’s needs. All that remains is for special creams and toners to be applied to your skin, which will leave it feeling smooth.

A facial is probably the second most popular spa treatment after a massage. It is calming, good for your skin, and it makes you look younger and more vibrant.

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