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If you’re serious about seeing a positive change in your physique, you’re going to need a serious protein. A protein that delivers every essential nutrient that your body needs right after a hard workout and to sustain your body throughout the day. What kind of protein am I talking about? One that serious body building trainers use: BSN’s Syntha-6. That’s right; BSN has the top protein on the market.

Several decades of research have brought forth enough evidence to support the theories that elite athletes and body builders, and even those interested in a healthier lifestyle need a specific amount of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. That specific amount that was uncovered through all this research is 1.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. Now that’s a pretty good average, and it will depend on your specific need. But suffice it to say that if you don’t want to speak to a nutrition professional, you should stick to that metric. Keep a log of how much, and when you take your protein, and keep track of your results as well. This way you’ll know if you need to make any changes to your protein intake down the road.

Syntha-6 isn’t just a post-workout protein; it’s an all day, time releasing protein. It’s great because you can take it once in the morning, and then in the middle of your day and you’ll be getting constant protein and amino acid delivery. You see, the protein matrix that makes up Syntha-6 has 6 different types of protein. Does the name make more sense now? It’s the perfect synthesis of 6 proteins that help your body achieve its fitness goals ASAP. If you want high caliber protein, Syntha-6 is it.

Each protein has specific properties that allow it to be released at different paces. Syntha-6 incorporates a micro-filtered whey protein isolate that releases for about 1-2 hours, which makes it ideal to make a syntha-shake before you workout so that you don’t have to rush home and down a shake after the gym. That can be an inconvenience. Next up, is an ultra filtered whey protein that releases for 2-3 hours. In addition to that, an Egg protein, called Eff Albumen is released for 2-3 hours as well. For the long haul milk protein is used, and is released for 4-6 hours. And right as you end your shift at work, calcium caseinate along with micellar alpha, and beta-caseins and caseinates is ending its shift in your body. Those proteins release for 6-8 hours.

Now keep in mind that it’s not just protein that your body needs. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and those are also necessary to help your body do some of the leg work. Luckily, Syntha-6 has all the bases covered. It just doesn’t skip a beat. The best part is its taste; it’s truly one of the best tasting proteins I’ve ever had. I always buy the Chocolate Milkshake flavor, and it’s the perfect substitute for sugar filled chocolate milk.

Author Bio: Max loves fitness and nutrition, and Syntha 6 as well. To find the best deals on BSN Syntha 6 use his website as a reference.

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