The Real Truth About How to Naturally Burn More Fat

What if I was to tell you that everything you’ve learned about fat loss is mostly wrong?

Well, you don’t have to answer that, because I think I know the answer. While yes, it’s true that there are many different foods that are very good for you, no one wants to live the rest of their lives “starving” themselves to death. And it’s not really what types of food that you eat, but more the actual “way” that you are eating them.

Contrary to popular belief, your body is “not” a machine like the so-called gurus try to tell you!

The truth of the matter is that your body needs to be “shocked” or else it won’t respond. In other words, if you feed it in the same exact way every single day, it will get used to it. You will give it no reason to “want” any more, so it will just adapt, and store the rest as fat. On the other hand, if you set your body up properly to actually “want” those delicious foods, you can actually eat whatever you like!

You know what foods I’m talking about, the foods that are practically loaded with all those delicious carbohydrates and fats!

Now I’m not saying that you can just eat “whatever” you want “whenever” you want, but I’m not saying you have to give up any of your favorite foods either. Does that sound like a fair deal? Obviously you can’t just “gorge” yourself constantly with cake and ice cream. I know, it would be great wouldn’t it?

You really just need to have a very good “balance” in how you eat.

It’s just that simple, and it’s not “rocket science”. However, it is based on real “science”, and we all know that science supersedes any types of theories we may have. The concept is, that one day you set your body up for what it really “wants”. Then the next day, you actually get to “give” it what it wants. So instead of eating “consistently” the same every day, you get to enjoy that second day, until it basically becomes routine.

We all know the effects of how to actually “work out” properly now, and the P90X program proved it!

Your diet should actually be no different. And it works on the same “exact” principle. Simply put your body in a state of “shock”, and it will not know how to react. Do the same things over, and it will become “old news”. You can literally “melt” the weight off, that is if you follow the correct program.

By following the correct program, you can literally turn your body into a “fat melting furnace”. There is no need to spend hours upon hours at the gym, and the less cardio you do, the better! I’m sure that all of this sounds “too good to be true” but it’s actually backed up by scientific research. Doctors and scientists together have figured out that by “shocking” your body by reversing your eating patterns, it will respond back to you.

Author Bio: One of my “all-time” favorite fitness experts, Jon Benson, has created a free video series on this exact subject. You can watch his free videos by going to this site: Or you can simply visit my blog and read my review of Jon’s program here:

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