The Swinger’s Vocabulary

Whether le Cap d’Agde is a regular holiday haunt of yours, or you are just starting to dip your toe into the swinging pool, it is handy to have a good grasp of the swinger’s vocabulary before you set off. This mini-dictionary will help you to distinguish the invitations from the puns and the potential dates from the double entendres.


If you are on your first holiday to le Cap d’Agde, your first evening might well be somewhat daunting. If this is the case it is possible that you will simply cruise. A cruiser or stag is someone who enters private swinging areas, going between bedrooms to take a look at what is going on. Whilst people are likely to be accepting if you are new to the game, be warned that cruising is often seen as angling for an invite and is not the best way to get involved.


If you come to le Cap d’Agde you’ll certainly need a ticket, but probably not one of this variety. A ticket is a term that refers to a partner who is brought along for appearances sake but has no intention of swinging or joining in the fun. Whilst there are no rules stating that everyone in the resort must swing, bringing a ticket can limit your chances of finding an invite for the night.


As you become more at home with the fun and games at le Cap d’Agde, it is quite possible that your adventurous side will continue to come out. If this is the case you may well progress from a rendez-vous with a new partner, to a threesome, and after that a foursome or moresome. The term moresomes refers to a swinging interaction that involves four or more people – this might be the perfect finale to your stay in le Cap d’Agde.

Soft Swingers

This is a term relating to those couples who enjoy the atmosphere and freedom of places such as le Cap d’Agde but will only fully engage with their own spouse. Whilst they may well enjoy some intimacy with other swingers, they won’t go the whole way unless it is with their own wife or husband.

Play Room

To really find the fun in le Cap d’Agde, head for a playroom. A playroom is a room set aside specifically for group swinging and is often furnished with wall-to-wall mattresses. But don’t confuse it with a room where you can go for a nap, as these rooms are a haven of activity.

Off Premise

The term ‘off premise’ is one that you may well come across if you make any new friends on the beach at le Cap d’Agde. The term refers to making your own arrangements to meet, rather than meeting up at a club or party.

So, now you’ve learnt the lingo, you can feel completely comfortable on your holiday in le Cap d’Agde. You never know, you might even be doling out your own invitations before you know it.

Author Bio: Jane G Smith is the Product Director of EXcapes Holidays, a specialist provider of lifestyle holidays to le Cap d’Agde and many other luxury lifestyle resorts worldwide. Our range of holidays is unmatched by any other British Tour Operator.

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