Tunis, Tunisia a City That is Rich in History and Magnificent Place

Tunis, Tunisia is considered as one of the tourist destinations that is mostly like by so many tourists. The place is situated is the northernmost country in Africa. This is located on a huge Mediterranean Sea gulf, which is behind the Lake of Tunis the port of La Goulette. The city is stretched along the coastal plain and the hills that surround it. Tunis is considered as the capital of Tunisia and considered as the most populous city. Tunis is a very ancient city. The city was originally founded by the Berbers, then later occupied by the Numidians, and in the end taken over by the Phoenicians from the neighboring city of Carthage. Because of the rich history that the place offer, there are lots of ancient and historic sites to view in Tunis.

Tunis, Tunisia is indeed a great place to have during family vacation because the place is indeed rich in the world exotic discoveries. Once you are in the city the first thing that you can do is to go to Medina, which is situated at the hub of the city. This is a very colorful marketplace that offers local goods and is a destination for culture and luxury. The city of Medina is considered as the city old quarter that has an area of twisting passageways and covered alley that shelter vendors who are selling handicrafts, jewelry, spices and goods. This friendly space is open for vast public squares that possess several of the city’s oldest architectural wonders. You can as well as visit the Tunis, Tunisia 700 monuments, mosques, palaces, mausoleums and fountains that is located within the walled medina. You can also tour the stunning Zitouna Mosque or the palatial Bardo Museum. However, once you visit these places it must that you need to have proper respect and observance to the limit for this is a scared place in Tunis, but along with the respect and observance that you offer you will definitely get views and memories to cherish in the city.

Once you are in the market of Tunis, Tunisia you are allowed to bargain for genuine Berber bracelets of the supreme silver filigree, earthenware that has wealthy glazes and brass and copper goods that is dexterity by masters whose abilities are their legacy. Also, you can go to the stands of spices that are sweet-smelling and leathers to the museums and mosques that represent the city’s elegance and luxury. Furthermore, while touring Tunis you can have the rich and exotic foods that the city offer. Peppery flavors are special. Therefore, you will definitely find your food improve with lots of heat. Also, you must not forget to try the desserts from baklava to makroudh. Baklava is subtle pastry layers that are a stretch with ground nuts while the makoudh is a rich semolina quiche that is full with dates and almond paste.

In Tunis, Tunisia, you will not only enjoy the ancient views that the place offers but as well as the tasteful cuisines that the place has. So, for your family vacation, bring your family to this beautiful city. A city that is populous but still stunning in history and places.

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