Unsigned Bands Face Serious Dilemma

Unsigned bands face a dilemma on their way to getting a record deal. The quandary is this: focus on music or focus on band management. And your real problem is that you can’t afford to ignore either one without compromising your chance to get signed by a major record label.

I am going to assume that you are currently satisfied with the quality of your music and your biggest need is successful band management. For most new unsigned bands that translates into effective band promotion that will create a growing base of supportive fans.

This is essential if you are to catch the notice of record labels. They will not risk their time and money on an obscure band no matter how good they think their music to be. You need to prove that people are attracted to you and your music.

And don’t think you can wait until after you’re signed to get fans. Having enthusiastic followers is a prerequisite to get a record deal.

This may seem like a monumental task but it can be accomplished with an appropriate strategy. The best and most affordable strategy is to begin with a well-done online music promotion.

I hope you caught the “well-done” above. You can’t just put a page on the web and expect great results with it. Your presence on the internet should be high quality and should match the quality of you and your music.

How long do you stay at a poorly-constructed website? You click out of there as quickly as you clicked in. Don’t make this mistake and miss out on the opportunity to have people become excited about your music.

To promote your band successfully on the internet you have two choices. You could hire a professional or you could find a proven resource that guides you through the entire process. Most unsigned bands are on a tight budget that will not allow them to hire a professional.

That means you need to find the right resource. If you are shopping for a band management resource make sure it includes online music promotion. In fact, it should devote considerable time to this topic.

That’s because you need to know the details of how to market your music at Myspace, facebook, and YouTube. These are the three major social networking sites being used by the music industry. The capacity for multiplying your fan base around the world is staggering by the correct use of these three sites.

Unsigned bands can become quite well-known in a fairly short time by carefully constructing their pages at these sites. Each one of these has similarities and nuances that you need to familiarize yourself with.

One example of this is that at Myspace you shouldn’t set up a standard page. You need to set up a music page that will heighten your ability to reach more people around the world.

But common to all three sites is that they need to be user-friendly. That means your pages should load quickly, be easy to navigate, and be updated regularly.

Unsigned bands have their hands full when it comes to band management. But there are resources available that will help you get signed and on your way to a successful career in the music industry.

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