Warning: Manage Electric Garage Doors Safely

Most often than not, the major culprit in accidents involving garage door malfunction are irresponsible garage owners. It is just unfortunate that in some or even most incidents, the victims are the innocent young ones. These are the defenseless sector of the society which is supposed to be under the care of their parents or guardians at home. The government acting as the absolute “parens patriae” of the State looks after the safety and security of its people. And so, it regulates actions that threaten its inhabitants through restrictions.

The multiple fatal incidents caused by garage door accidents pushed the Federal Law of America in 1993, to make a mandatory rule for residential garage doors to install safety photoelectric eyes or sensors especially on Electric garage doors. This can alone describe the gravity of the accidents that the concern was brought in the Federal government.

The Fundamental key to safety in installing, maintaining, and using garage doors is RESPONSIBILITY. Generally speaking, every action done presupposes responsibility. Thus, every action should be done not just out of will but also out of wit. These are practical safety tips for garage owners:

(1)R-ead the manual prior or upon the installation of garage doors. For technical lines beyond the comprehension of a layman, ask the technician or installer. It is however advisable to let a qualified technician do the installation;

(2) E-ducate the members of the household especially the nanny. Teach them safety tips in dealing with garage doors;

(3)S-top children from playing around the garage area especially near the doors. Explain to them patiently the danger of messing with garage doors or with the remote control;

(4)P-ay attention to weekly routine maintenance checks procedures on Electric garage doors and its parts. Observe given maintenance tips properly;

(5)O-rder immediate repair of dysfunctional portion of garage doors. Worn-out parts should be replaced at once. Do not take a risk by ignoring them;

(6) N-ever assume to “know it all” when it comes to fixing Electric garage doors. Ask the help of qualified technician to handle the job of their expertise;

(7) S-ecure the garage doors with sensors or equivalent safety features to eliminate mishaps and untoward incidents caused by out of control garage doors;

(8) I-nitiate furtherance of learning about effective and safe management of Electric garage doors. The internet is just a click-away to read relevant tips in dealing with garage doors;

(9)B-e vigilant in detecting delays in operating garage doors. It may signal an ongoing malfunction or one that is starting to occur, or has already occurred;

(10)I-mprove safety measures of garage doors through service upgrade offered by reputable service providers;

(11) L-ighten up the garage area. A well-lit place is safer than a dark room, the sense of sight being on its optimum sensitivity;

(12) I-ndulge into community forum or other activities aimed at increasing awareness of garage door safety. Helpful safety tips can be learned from such events;

(13)T-est the garage door regularly to make sure it is safe for use. It eliminates unfortunate surprises from sudden malfunction;

(14) Y-ou should not only be held responsible but also accountable for any untoward incidents as a consequence of your negligence in installing, maintaining, and using garage doors.

These are few reminders on ensuring safety in dealing with garage doors especially Electric garage doors. Remember RESPONSIBILITY is the key. Keep safe.

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