Ways to Entertain Your Guest

There are ways to entertain guests. It should not be a task but something that is to be enjoyed and something worth looking forward to. You don’t have to sweat it all out if you are expecting a guest that will be staying in your home for a few days. It should flatter you more than scare you because guests pick friends whom they feel most comfortable with especially that they will be staying with you for a few days. They are not expecting much from you. Just make them feel at home and spend time entertaining them. They will help themselves if you make them feel that they are free to use whatever resources you have that will be useful to them. Of course you have to show them to places they have never seen before especially the beautiful sceneries that they would love to see. What is spending some fortune if it could make fond memories with friends, especially those you have lost touch with, through the years?

After all the picture-taking and wandering around, you can make use of some of your spare time to play and enjoy the paintball. Paintball is one activity that can be enjoyed by everybody, even the children of your guest, for as long as they have no special physical limitations. It could be a fun-filled hour or two playing with friends you have not seen in a while. Paintball will make you more comfortable with each other especially that after losing contact for some time, awkward moments may sometimes surface. It can even bring back some childhood memories that you can talk about, in the car, on your way to your next destination. You will again share the same laughter, reminiscing the old days. Imagine how a simple game like paintball makes things possible. Well, if there is a limitation other activities can be done also, depending on your shared interests.

They are soon leaving; both you and your guest have all the pictures of the places you went to in their visit to your home. You may never realize how important that short time they spent with your family. A few years after that visit, they may have already forgotten what you served for dinner on their first night, or that expensive new beddings you made them use during their stay. They may have lost that little token you gave them as remembrance. That entire turkey you cooked for them but your hospitality and your efforts will never be forgotten. Some things are worth reminiscing and maybe that includes, the time you shared stories in front of the fireplace, maybe even that afternoon you played paintball, and got yourselves all messed up like you were experiencing childhood once again.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter to guests whether they have the best place to stay – what really matters is how comfortable you make them feel in the toughest situations. Guests do feel awkward too, just like what you may have been feeling a few days before their visit. They may have chosen to stay in your home to make up for the lost time.

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