What Are the Best Food Combinations to Burn Fat Quickly and Naturally?

Let me ask you one simple question. Do you like eating pizza, sweets, and other delicious foods?

Ok, so now that I’ve got your attention, of course you do! Well, at least the majority of people on this planet enjoy something that is not necessarily considered “healthy” for your body. But is that really the case? We hear over and over so many different stories about the “correct” way to lose weight, it’s almost enough to make your head spin! Would you agree?

“Keep it simple stupid”, my father always used to tell me when I was young.

My theory has always been “you use what works”. It’s that theory I’ve lived by the majority of my life, in all actuality. And it’s pretty much proven that science “works”. And I hate to burst anyone’s bubble who thinks that doing “cardio” or some type of fitness program is the answer. Because in reality, it’s really only part of the entire equation. While this is all “fine and dandy” it’s not nearly enough of what we really need, which is a proven diet.

Notice that I never mentioned a “healthy” or “well balanced” diet, but instead a “proven” diet.

I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time. And father time has not helped out much either. As the years have gone by, it seems to get harder and harder to actually lose the weight and keep it off! Diet after diet, and program after program, it all seems hopeless after a while. And trust me, I’m not “lazy” either. So where do you actually go to get the right information?

The majority of the time it’s not our fault, we’ve been given “wrong” information all this time.

So what exactly are the best food combinations to burn fat? The plain and simple truth of the matter is that you can really eat anything that you want. Huh? Yeah, I said it. Anything you want! I’m not stating that you can just eat pizza and ice cream all the time and get “skinny”. No, not at all. I’m saying that if you eat them at the “correct” times during the week, you can practically eat what you want every other day.

Now how incredible would that be? Everything we were taught in the past is now just a “myth”.

I’m sure you’re probably thinking by now that this all seems “too good to be true”, and honestly I don’t blame you. I was hesitant to try this in the beginning myself. But the one thing that really “hooked” me was the fact that this method is backed by “real” scientific research. And the last time I checked, science doesn’t lie! And once you get yourself in a sort of “groove”, the rest is a “cake” walk.

And how do I know all of this? Because I’m a “real-life” example of how it all works!

Author Bio: One of my “all-time” favorite fitness experts, Jon Benson, has created a free video series on this exact subject. You can watch his free videos by going to this site: http://www.everyotherdaydietplan.info. Or you can simply visit my blog and read my review of Jon’s program here: http://bestdiettoloseweightfast.weebly.com

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