What People Say About the Free Droid Phone

People who have either bought or tried the Motorola droid phone have different things to say about the phone. Of course, the general gist is the same but how people take a certain flaw or a certain benefit can get very varied. Are you scrambling to get a free droid phone? If you are, then you are doing the right thing. You should at least try as much as possible to get the smart phone free. After all, freebie offers may not be there all the time. When you do get a free Motorola droid, you can inspect the pros and cons of the phone to your heart’s content.

The Phone is Excellent.

There are those who find the Motorola droid absolutely perfect. They love the perks, from the voice recognition capability to the touch screen feature. They do not even mind the fact that the keyboard can be too small for some fingers. The droid phone, for them, is a perfect match. Whether a phone is a perfect match or not depends on the person who is using the phone. Fans of the droid are those who prefer its angular shape that makes it both strange and beautiful. After all, competitors are producing smart phones with smooth curves. Somebody who has all he or she needs from the droid has no reason to complain. If the phone is absolutely free, then things are even better.

The Phone is Ok.

Some recognize that though the Motorola droid has some great applications, specifications and qualities, the phone is not perfect. Though a high resolution phone with a high resolution camera, it does have moments of failure as evident in grainy photos. Not only do you get grainy photos from time to time but you also have to take a long time to focus the camera. The camera is difficult to tame. A 5-megapixel camera should at least be able to produce consistent good, though not excellent, photos. The droid is ok. It has definitely delivered in terms of the modern applications and specifications that smart phone lovers are looking for. However, there are some stark imperfections that keep the phone just a little bit awkward.

The Phone is Horrible.

Motorola has had disappointing models. People remember that. Mobile users are apprehensive about the droid phone as with anything that the company delivers. Because of this, some may even dub the Motorola droid phone as mediocre and even plain bad without even trying the phone. This is where a free droid phone will definitely come in handy. The problem with this is that some people will still hail the phone as horrible because the keyboard is a major feature for them. How can they efficiently use the droid as a smart phone if they cannot get their fingers to fit? The user-friendliness is also questionable. Why does it take a long time to get through the call command? That is danger in the making.

People have different opinions about the Motorola droid. Having it for free may or may not change their minds. The droid as a whole is a mix of pros and cons.

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