When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want You Anymore – Take These Steps to Make Him Love You Again

When your boyfriend doesn’t want you anymore, you feel cast aside and lonely. How could this happen? The two of you were so in love and had so much going for you. There seemed to be a happy and long lasting relationship ahead. Now it is all gone. Your family and friends will tell you that you are better off without him, but you know that you need him. You don’t know if you can face the future without the man you love. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Take these steps to make him love you again.

You will have the impulse too talk to him and get him to change his mind, but it will only cause you more pain. He is not going to change his mind overnight. When your boyfriend doesn’t want you anymore, he did not come to that conclusion all at once. This could have been growing on him for some time, and he won’t change his mind immediately. This does not mean that you should give up and say he is gone forever. If you love him, it is worth the trouble to try to get him back. But you need to give him up for now. You will need to have the patience to let things settle and then take control of the situation.

I can hear you saying, how can you take control when he broke up with you? You just show him that you are mature enough to accept the breakup and you are not bothered by it. Of course you cannot let him know how hurt you are by his actions and for now you will have to keep distance between the two of you. You will appear to be moving on with your life, but you are just waiting for the right time to make him feel rejected and abandoned. When you feel you have your emotions under control, it will be time to turn things around to your favor. Remember he is subject to the same feelings as you. All you have to do is make him feel the same feelings you did when you realized your boyfriend doesn’t want you anymore.

Get dressed sexy and desirable and go out to where you can run into your ex boyfriend. You know his habits and where he hangs out, so it shouldn’t be hard to find him. When you see him, put a big warm smile on your face and tell him you are glad to see him because you have something to tell him. Say that you are glad things worked out as they did. Add that you had been feeling pretty discontent for sometime and you are happy that he made the move so you didn’t have to. Give him a hug and be on your way.

He will be left staring at you and wondering what happened. Men are not good at accepting rejection and they always want what they cannot have. Since you have made it clear that you are fine with the breakup, it will give him second thoughts. You have made the boyfriend that didn’t want you anymore, want you more than ever before.

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