Which Electronic Cigarettes Are Best?

The electronic cigarette was invented and patented in China in 2004 by a company by the name of Ruyan. E cigs are now a worldwide phenomenon and manufactured and distributed by many other companies throughout the world. This clever device is the closest thing to ‘real’ smoking but is a much healthier, cheaper option.

There are many different types of e cigs on the market and it really is a personal preference. The original e cigarette, or Super Cigarette as it is known, is approx 10cm long; this length ensures longer battery life and larger cartridge capacity than other, smaller versions available on the market. The Super is the same size as a king size ‘real’ cigarette. The smaller ‘Mini E cigs’ are around 9cm long and the same size as a traditional cigarette. However, whilst these e cigs are also very good vapour producers, they have disadvantages as the smaller battery needs to be charged more often and the refills do not last as long as the larger e cig.

There are so many e cigarette forums that give the disadvantages and benefits of all types of electronic cigarette, but there is no one solution for all.

One very important issue to consider when purchasing your first electronic cigarette is your supplier. E Cigarettes are not currently regulated and anyone, in effect, can import these products and sell them online. You need to ensure that you are buying from a reputable company and in order to be a reputable company and long-term seller of this item, certain legislation has to be adhered to.

Electronic cigarettes are sold with refill cartridges that contain the e liquid mix that produces the vapour when you puff on the e cig. The main ingredients of this liquid are propylene glycol (or dry ice as it is commonly known), nicotine, water and flavourings. You must ensure you purchase your refills from a company that has had the refill cartridges independently tested by a UK laboratory. This testing determines the exact content of the refills and whether those ingredients are harmful or not. Insist on seeing a copy of the test results before buying your refills.

A reputable company will also have to adhere to certain packaging legislation requirements. As the refill cartridges contain nicotine, they should be provided in childproof containers as there is enough nicotine in a ‘High’ strength refill cartridge to cause harm to a child if ingested. Therefore, any company shipping refills that are not in childproof packaging has not been subject to the correct legislation. All products should also be labelled clearly with warnings, usage, and contact information.

Finally, the electrical components of the electronic cigarettes should have been tested to the appropriate UK electrical legislation. These components are the charger and power lead & plug. There should be a UK test certificate available for these components. Many companies claim to have CE and ROHS conformity but most have been provided to them by the Chinese manufacturer and should be checked for authenticity.

Author Bio: Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For electronic cigarettes, he recommends The E Cigarette Company, one of the UK’s leading suppliers.

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