Words That Will Make Your Ex Boyfriend Fall in Love With You Again – Get Your Ex Back Fast

After a breakup, there are words that will make your ex boyfriend fall in love with you again. There are also words that will drive him farther away from you. The problem is, most women get them mixed up and end the relationship for good. You will feel the need to tell him how much you love him and you cannot live without him. That is what you would like for your ex boyfriend to do, but it is not what he wants you to do and it will not get your ex back. He will see you as being needy and desperate and run away from you as fast as he can. You have to show him that you are strong and mature. He does not want a woman that will fall apart when things do not go her way.

By respecting his wish for time alone to sort things out, he will have much more respect for you and it will increase your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back immensely. As hard as it will be for you, you need to give him that time. To make him fall in love with you again, it will be necessary to make him see the quality woman you are. If you show him respect and compassion, he will likely show you the same. You can do this by saying something that you say nearly everyday. It is quite often said almost automatically, but it always gets the desired result. The person you say it to always holds you in high regard for you having said it. It will get the same result from your ex boyfriend.

When the breakup occurred, you were hurt and angry. This no doubt caused you to try to pin the blame for the split on your ex. But it takes two to make an argument or a breakup, so you need to face up to your part in the problem. This does not mean that you should feel that you caused your ex to run, but he did run and you want him back. So, you have to swallow your pride and tell him that you are sorry. Do not make it a lengthy apology, and do not cry or beg. Make it short and sweet. You can also add that you now see that the breakup was a good idea. This will turn the rejection around to him.

This will not be easy for you to do, since you are not alright with the breakup, but by doing it you are using his male ego against him. Men do not want to feel rejected by any woman and when you give him this feeling, it is a challenge. You will suddenly be desirable to him again. He was under the impression that you were still in love with him and just moping around, waiting for him to call. This makes it a whole new ball game. His pride has been hurt and he will have to prove that he can make you want him again.

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