Working on Marriage Proposals

Let me share to you one creative thinking. Do you know how to make a girl say “YES” on a proposal? No matter what kind of proposal you may have, girls love the thrill of what is unexpected. If you are trying to propose marriage to a girl, it is always important that you can stand the embarrassment of having it broadcasted to hundreds or even thousands of people be it standing with a megaphone and screaming out loud your proposal. Sounds cheesy – and girls love it. You can even do it online. On Facebook or any other site where it could be seen by all the girl’s friends and family. You could also learn a foreign language which you say to her a couple of days before the formal proposal. Drive her nuts and you’ll find her really eager, searching on the internet and asking her friends. Sometimes you have to use embellishments and not simply pop the question… It happens once in a lifetime, make it worth reminiscing. Trust me, when situations get tough in your married life, there is at least one thing that could make you both smile as you reminisce. Something that could fix the troubles you may be having.

Another proposal idea is through paintball. Get an events coordinator or your most trusted friend to fix things with the paintball field manager, so as not to get caught. Make arrangements to rent the paintball field even for a few hours to make it more memorable. You can invite friends, secretly. And form two teams, of course, they have to be there earlier than you do, to get their acts together. Of course, it has to appear that you will be playing with strangers; anyway all of you will be wearing paintball Ghillie Suits – she will not recognize anybody. All those not participating in the game has to hide somewhere. Do not get caught or you might spoil the long-planned surprise. After the game, one by one each player would take turns to remove the Protective Suit, and Bride-to-be seems really puzzled seeing all those closest to her on the same paintball field. When all the players have changed, it is time for the non-players to appear, and lastly, the parents of the couple. That is when you pop the question. It is guaranteed that you will get a positive response and most likely it will be a tearful YES from the most important woman in your life. It could be really tough to prepare the main event but with the help of a paid professional events coordinator, it will all be perfect.

Proposals have to really be as special as the wedding day itself. Spending some money for the preparations wouldn’t hurt that much especially that you will have more happy memories to look back to. A woman’s ‘yes’ has to be really important to her man and it must show. She deserves it; after all, you have chosen her to spend the rest of a lifetime with you.

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