A Dental Implant Can Change Facial Features and Leave One Looking Younger

The procedure for placing a dental implant is not something new in fact the Mayan civilization was doing implants more than one thousand three hundred years ago. The start of this method of replacing missing teeth in modern times was in nineteen-fifty-two when Dr Leonard Linkow did his first implant.

Before and surgical process can be initiated a thorough assessment and investigation into the underlying structure in a proposed implanting area is required. The exact placement of an artificial root is vital as it needs to be as non-invasive as possible to surrounding nerves and sinuses. If correctly placed an implant has a better chance of integrating into surrounding tissue and bone with more success.

The bone density and height where implanting will take place is important. Surgeons are now able to augment bone height with grafting in patients who have minimal height. A small hole is drilled into jawbone and a titanium root inserted. Titanium is used as it has the unique ability to bond successfully with living bone. It is very rarely rejected by the body and this is why this metal is also used for various joint replacement procedures nowadays. Once the root is in place the area is sutured up and left to heal.

A post that has zirconium abutments to enhance the natural luster of the crown is screwed into the root and a ceramic compound or porcelain crown is cemented over the post. Healing time various from patient to patient and is determined mostly by the quantity and quality of bone and expertise of the surgeon.

Many new innovative technological advances and computer software programs allow dental surgeons to work in this restricted area with precision and accuracy causing minimal disturbance to surrounding structures. The entire procedure is a long drawn out one and can take up to eighteen months before completion. Rushing the process may lead to problems such as the root moving which will mean the operation will not have been successful.

There are however new methods and techniques being developed daily which are leading to quicker time frames from root placement to crown attachment that are proving successful. Currently the success rate is around ninety-five percent and people who may experience negative results are either heavy smokers diabetics or those who have poor oral hygiene histories.

These implants are suitable for a single tooth or full set of dentures replacement. They are often used in other dental procedures such as bridgework and anchoring orthodontic work. Discomfort and pain experienced during this procedure is equated to being on a level with a tooth extraction and post operative can be controlled with normal pain medication.

A patient\’s overall general and oral health and whether they comply with post operative care instructions will impact greatly on their recovery and success of a dental implant. In most cases people may find that if properly cared for these implants may give a person full dental function for life. Conservatively the lifespan is stated as being fifteen to twenty years.

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