A Look at Packaging Materials

Selling products, or sending gifts to loved ones, can only be considered successful if the items arrive there intact, and in proper working order. To help ensure the safety of these items, Packaging Materials are needed which keep the contents secure. Let\’s take a look at some of the options for conscientious shipping.

Cardboard boxes are the most commonly used containers for small items, and some large products such as appliances. These can be custom made to fit the exact size of the product, and any internal shipping materials such as styrofoam inserts. They can be easily sealed with shipping tape, or heated glues which secure the end flaps for safe arrival.

Plastic is used in many forms for shipping items across the world, and can include bags which are used to cover the product to prevent dust from getting into electronic components. Rolls of plastic are often used to wrap items with a protective barrier, and can be secured with adhesive labels printed with instructions or other end user information.

Bubble wrap quickly became popular as a shipping product due to its ability to conform to the item being shipped, and the cushioning quality which acts as a suspension agent. The contents can seem to float in a safely contained area, and provide reasonable crush resistance for most products. This shipping staple is available in rolls which allow mounting the tube for easy access and handling by assembly line personnel.

Shrink wrap can seem almost magical with its ability to conform to any size or shape. This is often used in wrapping small components, or hardware fasteners such as bolts, nuts and screws, to prevent them from rolling around inside the shipping box, where they could cause damage to the main item that was purchased. This material requires the application of heat from a device typically called a \’heat gun\’ which causes shrinking action.

Tissue paper is customarily used in covering certain types of clothing, but is also used in shipping to wrap glassware, and other items that have a surface which could become scratched or dull from the vibrations caused in transporting the merchandise. It can be obtained in sheets of various dimensions, and singly used to wrap coffee cups, drinking glasses and such items as wax candles.

For very large shipments there are transport containers which are picked up and delivered by trucks, and then either loaded onto a ship or rail system where they are delivered to their destination. These units come in different sizes, and can also be refrigerated for those situations in which food items are being shipped. They are also used for shipping dry good, such as grains and certain types of clothing.

When it is important to know that a product or gift will arrive intact and safely, there are a variety of Packaging Materials from which to choose. From small items to cardboard boxes, whatever items need to be moved from one location to another they can arrive safely by using the correct type of shipping material, or containers.

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