Add Charm to Your Garden With Picket Fences

Most homeowners like to have privacy CT fence around their homes but then there are some who like to showcase their landscaping. Picket fences have something in store for both types of people. Installing picket fences is the best solution that maintains privacy and does not even blocks out the world. Moreover, this Connecticut fence will protect your yard.

Just imagine those times when you stopped by a neighbor’s house to admire their garden through a beautiful picket fence. This traditional and convenient fence might also prove be the perfect solution you wanted for your home.

While installing a picket fence around your house, you also have to think about practical aspects. In case you want the fence just to contain your pet or keep out unwanted animals, then the height of this fence will serve the purpose. However, if you are looking for a fence as a boundary for your garden that gives a welcoming feel to the visitors, then picket fencing is for you.

Despite its advantages, there are some people who hesitate to install picket fences mainly because they are painted traditionally. This adds up extra work for the homeowner because now they will have to do regular touch-ups or may also need to repaint the whole fence at least after five years. But let us not forget that the same thing applies to most types of fences. Nevertheless, there are still some ways to make your picket fencing long-lasting.

Staining can be one alternative to paint. Although it will not peel off, it will eventually fade over the course of time. The best part is that applying the stain is quite easy. Besides, you can brush it over the existing stain and you will not even need any special preparation for that. Among the different types of stains available in the market, the invisible one can be re-applied with remarkable ease. As for applying the opaque stain, you will need to do prep work.

You can also let the wood to weather away naturally without doing any maintenance work. Wood has the tendency to weather away and turn into gray or silver color that blends in a perfect way with the plants in your garden.

In any case, if you wish to have a colored fence, then go for it. You will have to maintain your fence on regular basis for which you will require a store of touch-up paints. It will last a couple of years before it starts to chip off. If you attend to the areas of the fence that are likely to get damaged from exposure to sun, then the paint will certainly last longer.

Usually wood is used in picket fences; however, there are some alternatives like PVC picket fencing that gives the traditional look of the wood fence. Without inspecting closely, it is almost impossible to tell the difference. The reason why PVC is more preferred is that it can easily be hosed off while you are cleaning and does not require to be painted. No matter which material you pick, your picket fences will turn an average looking entranceway to an instantly charming one.

Author Bio: Penny Lane has received a quote from a Connecticut fence company. He and his wife searched the term CT fence online in order to get some ideas.

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