Are You Ready For A Change In Your Standard Of Living? Is Your Family Ready?

The job market is increasingly competitive; two weeks ago was talking with a friend of Korean origin, who after living twelve years in Brazil decided it was time to go back to Korea where his relatives live. He served six months in Korea and came back, he is 31 years old and could not even get a job as garbage, people in Korea say he was old and that the companies give preference to those people who are coming out of college, full of life, energy, willingness to work and cost at most 30% of what it would cost an older person.

Thankfully, this situation in Brazil is far from being repeated and people here can worry a little less, however, no matter how good the college you did and no matter how good your resume, after 35 years of age, I do not know one person that I talk to do not start hitting a little insecure. In most cases this uncertainty arises due our great need to maintain our current standard of living and who knows better.

As our years of home increase in the same company, we represent an expensive asset; the company begins to worry about the issue of succession and continuity, people in various roles within the company change and new challenges at every change of relationship to restart.

In our house, not to increase liabilities; 20 years of age our fixed cost is low, no children, just for fun, but after 35 years of age our fixed cost is already high and if we lose jobs, many in our family that depends on it begins to worry about maintaining the standard of living.

Several thoughts begin to fill our heads, much related to a plan B that can guarantee the current standard of living if we lose our good jobs where they earn a good salary, but unfortunately we do not have the security we desire.
I\’ve heard too many professionals in the health field, especially doctors and dentists with similar concerns, in their case an accident that could injure their hands and disable them to do their job.

One of the most common thought is to inscribe in all public tenders that appear ahead, however, statistics show that almost all the good jobs are filled by candidates who are still young and we just given up ringing this wonderful idea.
I personally believe that the initiative is valid and we should rather try them, but we should not be frustrating if the results are not good as the results usually are not good for most subscribers. Nor should we focus 100% of our efforts in this direction since the expected result is not 100% sure.

Another thought is quite common to open a side business and began planning it in the best way possible, making the courses offered by SEBRAE, studying in detail the point where the business will be installed, saving financial resources and also looking at banks and so on. This has been an alternative that in many cases has given good results, however, to get it you need to have ready funds at least $ 100,000.00 each to open up something that is really competitive and the truth is that not always have this cash on hand.

When, however, noting that the statistics in Brazil, most public companies are closed in the first five years of life, we wonder if we really want to run this imminent risk that could call into question the quality of life for your family when you retire because his wages will fall and you will need these economies throughout his life.
It is also important to check if your side business is properly sized to your withdrawals can expect two or three years is the period of maturation of many of the retail business.

The truth is we do not want sudden changes in our quality of life and that something must be done today so that in future we do not have financial problems, people do not forgive and often abrupt changes in quality of life associated with financial problems end up hindering the family relationships in several ways. You-idol at home is seen with contempt by the children as parents of your kids \’friends are much more that you and your kids\’ friends can enjoy better because teens can participate more than their children.

After the hurricane passed, many people like to say now so difficult to form. That gives status, but the real truth is that nobody really likes to go through this because it is not easy, the pressure is too great.

A fairly common alternative used by the Brazilian is putting children to work early and as costs increase due to their children to college, many courses, allowances, etc. ballads., Parents see no alternative but to instruct children that seek to labor market through which children can help parents maintain their standard of living of the family.
Despite good alternative for you to finish up their children, she helps us to have a good amount of money saved in the bank for an emergency, do not allow us to we pay for a good program for our retirement security, not improve our situation in relation insecurity that we have today in relation to our work, does not allow us to end up with our debts due such as the mortgage, not allowing us to change cars every three years, not allowing us to pay a good family health plan, a good life insurance, living in a gated community where the family\’s safety is better, have more time to enjoy it with friends and family and so on.

Another alternative that has made some inroads in Brazil comes to saving. You have a good job, a good salary, but still lack the security that this situation will persist over a lifetime. So to save part of winning is a good alternative to having a good amount of money in the bank to be used in an emergency and also in his retirement.

So do a quick account of how much we would need to save now to have a good income in retirement thinking that now we have 35 years of age. Thinking that the public pension will pay him $ 2,000.00 per month we will examine three different situations: one where you need a monthly income of $ 6,000.00 to maintain their standard of living, a second where you need an income $ 10,000.00 monthly to maintain their standard of living and a third where you need a monthly income of $ 15,000.00.

In the first case you would need an extra income of $ 4,000.00 per month, or R $ 48,000.00 per year, i.e., if a good investment today pays around 8.0% per year, would need to save R $ 400,000.00 to have an additional monthly income of R $ 4,000.00 per month.

If you\’re 35 years old today, will have about 30 years to create this heritage, that is, you need to save around $ 400.00 if you were 40 years ago today, around R $ 650.00 and if 45-day, around R $ 1,200.00.

In the second case you would need an extra income of R $ 8,000.00 per month, or R $ 96,000.00 per year, which means that you need to save around $ 800.00 if you are 35 years old today, R$1,300, 00 if you are aged 40 and R$ 2,400.00 today if you are 45 years old today and so on.

See, however, that a plan to save is not exactly a plan B but from a need to transfer our current consumption for future consumption in a possible moment of our lives where our income will fall and if we maintain our standard of consumption then we need cover this hole with the future income they earn today.

When we say we need to save part of our income today to use them in the future we are assuming that we will have no interruption in our incomes, or at any time we are considering the possibility that we may lose our jobs or have some irreversible injury and may leave us in dire straits.

A real Plan B is to solve two problems that plague us:

– The real need to increase our current income;
– The real need to be less dependent of our current income.

Therefore, our Plan B should include actions that allow us to increase our current income, get more from our current workforce, better seize the present opportunities, improve our reputation in the current job, and improve our performance in current job and so on.

The truth is that we do not wish nor want any bad abrupt change in our lives and for this we must prepare for it will not happen. If we do nothing now to alleviate this situation the worst can happen and this is what we want neither for us nor for our family. We should not take unnecessary risks; we must do our utmost to avoid these risks. Although not everyone in the world has this kind of concern, fortunately we are not alone in the world with this kind of concern. Therefore, I recommend you look for these people as part of the actions of the Plan B that we talked about earlier. You\’ve heard the saying that unity is strength? By doing this you will join a large group of people who understand their concerns because they feel the same skin problems and are already working for a long time in this subject.

These are people who have their own work, their own sources of income, their own activities but who decided to invest a small portion of his time to end that problem of insecurity that was running with them. In this country you can join a group of people gathered by the company through an affiliate program with a very interesting proposal.

The is a technology company specializing in software and other solutions for e-commerce that has developed this affiliate program that bears his name: and has as main objective to develop the concept crowdfunding of start-ups.

Among other requirements that a person who cares about security demands, the affiliate program is ikelmart that can help you in terms of security, ie, minimize the risk of an abrupt change in their standard of living.

The affiliation program ikelmart puts you in touch with thousands of others with the same concerns you have today with a single objective to minimize the risk of an abrupt change in their standard of living.

Like anything in life is free, the affiliate program requires a little dedication to spreading the concept and helps other people with similar interests. In fact the affiliate program uses the power of the Internet and social networks to spread the concept.

Friend, do not waste more time, care that life is not soft, you\’ve already lost too much time and has no time to be thinking, join this group with people who think like you and a proposal is quite clear and transparent, ensuring greater security for their members by having each of its affiliates to participate in a group concerned about possible sudden changes in living standards.

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