Basic Guidelines When Giving a Lecture

When it comes to presenting a good lecture, while there are indeed individuals who are gifted when it comes to the aspect of presentation, there are simply those that are not. Such individuals are usually not very good with public speaking so they definitely need all the help that they can get. For any educator, communicating the lecture in an effective manner is a skill that needs to be studied and mastered. When it comes to presenting a lecture, many educators adhere to a set of procedures. These procedures are either taught when they were in college or it is something that they have learned through experience. Whatever the procedures that are involved, it is important that the one who\’s giving the lecture is comfortable with it. If not, then it could definitely reflect on the lecture itself. So how can you be an effective lecturer?

You have to keep in mind that lecturing is not at all about reading your lectures in front of your student or audience. If that is how you approach your lecturing sessions, then your audience with inevitably get bored. Reading your lecture will give your audience the feeling that the lecturing session is too formal and that you are too distant from them. You should keep in mind that lectures are meant to feel like a spontaneous between the audience and the one that is giving the lecture. This makes the your lecture far more interesting and can capture and maintain the attention of your audience more effectively.

The best thing that you can do before a lecture is to prepare for it. The more important the lecture is, the more you have to prepare. Confidence is a crucial factor to the success of the lecture. If you are confident, the lecture would feel more natural which can help in putting your audience at ease. Preparing for a lecture also minimizes the possibility of mishaps and allows you to devise a contingency plan. Just how prepared you are can easily reflect during the presentation. Not only will you need to prepare the tools and resources for the lecture but you will also need to prepare yourself emotionally. For some educators, they prefer to listen to the music of their preference while there are those who prefers to review their notes in a quiet environment.

The use of visual aids is a must if you want to capture and retain the attentiveness of your audience. If you are lecturing in a large classroom, it is highly recommended that you use an overhead projector if you\’ve got some Powerpoint presentations to show. If your lecture requires audience participation, then using an interactive whiteboard is the best approach in order to promote participation from the audience.

When closing your lecture, it is important that you provide a summary of all the key points of your lecture. Avoid introducing new material when the lecture comes to a close because it will only serve to lose the focus of your audience.

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