Chinese Massage Therapy , Natural Way of Staying Healthy

Modern day treatments are becoming more and more affordable each day as the public is becoming more health conscious nowadays. However, there are certain risks with every benefit of these modern technology treatments. Although they may seem quite fast acting and effective in treating the problems, they are also packed with many side effects. A good way to stay healthy and in a natural way is by having a regular medical care through a Chinese massage therapy.

There are two types of Chinese massage therapy used on a patient’s body. Both of these have the same principles but vary on the technique and strokes used during a massage therapy. Tui Na is the more popular type of Chinese massage therapy which uses kneading, stretching, pushing and tapping of the patient’s body. It also focuses on the meridian points of the human body as its basis for the healing purpose. Zhi Ya is the type of Chinese massage that uses pinching and pressing while focusing on the pressure points. These two are inspired by the traditional Chinese medicines where they were also developed. Basically, Tui Na is not a massage therapy, however most western countries believe it is which is why it is offered as a massage service on massage spas. Tui Na does more than a mere relaxation for the patient’s mind and body. It is actually used as a cure for many problems such as the musculoskeletal conditions, and many other types of diseases. However, acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions are out of its league when it comes to healing these problems. Chinese massage therapy, like most of the known therapeutic massage all over the world has less known side effects on the human body.

Like most massage therapy, how Chinese massage therapy works is still unknown and has no solid proof although most of the studies conducted resulted positively which means that therapeutic massage is indeed effective. Experts base their study on Chinese massage therapy as it works on the meridian points using acupressure, the change in pressure also changes the flow of energy all over the body, in return, the pathways that are clogged will be unblocked as the flow changes and increases. Basically, massage therapy was developed mainly for the purpose of relieving stress physically and mentally. Stressed when left untreated or given less importance is believed to be the main cause of many physical and mental problems which is why massage therapy aims in releasing it from the body of the patient. As with most type of massage therapy, Chinese massage therapy does this by using heated herbal plants placed on the body of the patient while the massage therapist is working the body with different appropriate massage strokes. Depending on the area worked, the massage therapist changes his or her massage strokes and techniques for best result from the therapeutic massage.

Discussing and consulting with the doctor or your massage therapist is ideally the best thing to do if you are planning on adding Chinese massage therapy into your regular medical care.

Author Bio: I write for TIR Massage Stone about performing hot stone massage therapy and obtaining a proper hot stone massage kit.

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