Dental Phobia: How to Survive Going to the Dentist

Being afraid to have your teeth taken care of is a vicious circle. The longer you put off going to the dentist, the worse your teeth could get. This will mean that when you do finally go, you will have to spend even longer in the chair and probably have to have more detailed work done. Here are a few tips that should make you slightly less anxious when you do finally decide to sit in that chair.

The first is distraction. Try listening to music while you are having work done. You will find that drowning out the sound of the tools is going to make you far more comfortable. The drill and other implements are not actually that loud in the room, it is only the fact that they are up-close to your ear that makes it so nerve racking.

Some progressive surgeries actually have televisions installed in the ceiling. This way, your attention is focused elsewhere and you can concentrate on a movie. If you cannot get a movie or some music, there are other distraction techniques. Try lifting up your legs in the chair, as though you were doing leg lifts at the gym. Try and hold the leg suspended in mid-air and you will find that you will pay far less attention to the surgeon.

Don\’t forget to breathe. Breathing in an irregular pattern then this will cause you to panic more and could actually make you faint. Practice slow and controlled breathing techniques. Don\’t forget to let everyone in the room know should you begin to feel faint or are experiencing discomfort. If you do not voice your concerns then nothing can be done to change your situation.

Should you really feel as though you cannot go through with the procedure, enquire about sedatives and medication. Always be sure to ask before you enter the room, because if you ask on the spot, it is very unlikely that you will be given anything. This is not without risks and you need to be absolutely sure that you cannot explore another alternative.

Do not be afraid to actually change the person who takes care of your teeth. Should you feel they are being too rough or not paying enough attention to your concerns, then you can stop giving them your business. After all, they are there to serve you and it should be in their best interests to make you as comfortable as possible.

Performance does differ. There have been reports of the same procedure being performed by two different surgeons and one being completely painless and the other very uncomfortable. Go to one that reassures you. A good practitioner will put you in control. They will tell you to raise your hand should you feel any emotional or physically discomfort through your time there.

Hopefully this will help you feel more comfortable going to the dentist. Remember to discuss your concerns before you sit down and if you have an area that is particularly sensitive, alter them to it before work begins.

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