Dermal Filler – A Non-Surgical Way To Get Rid Of Wrinkles For Asian Women

Nowadays, people do not believe in aging skin. There are a lot of options a person can avail of in order to get rid of facial wrinkles and fine lines. One of the fastest means to eliminate such signs of aging is plastic surgery. However, the latter is not for everybody as this can cause anxiety and various adverse effects post-operation. Aside from that, there are also people who do not believe that their skin is not fit for cosmetic surgery.

For instance, Asians are known to have beautiful skin. However, since no one escapes the occurrence of facial wrinkles, they too also experience these marks of deteriorating skin cells. A commonly false presumption is that undergoing cosmetic procedure may only be suitable among Caucasians. However, this is definitely untrue as there are certain procedures that are specifically designed to benefit Asian skin.

Due to the advances of science, derma fillers have been introduced into the medical world giving clients the opportunity to avail of wrinkle free skin without undergoing through the knife. This safe method of getting rid of those unwanted wrinkles is proven to eliminate the possibility of having allergic reactions post-surgery. The most minor reaction a client may experience is some degree of tolerable redness and swelling, which would eventually subside after 2 days.

Derma filler is an injection procedure which does its magic by plumping your skin and making it smooth, firm and wrinkle-free. Most of the skin’s problem areas are found around the eyes, in the laugh lines surrounding our mouth, nose and cheeks. These fillers are quite popular and effective in providing fuller lips and in providing a more defined lip contour. In terms of facial contour, it also enhances the cheekbone and the chin’s dimples.
Since this filler is composed of hyalorunic acid, therefore it provides a natural element in our organs and tissues. This acid is known to be a main ingredient in keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated. Making use of an ultra fine needle, only a small amount is introduced directly into our skin.

A simple gentle massage to the injected skin is performed to enhance its contouring. This dermal filler is effective within 6-8 months. As this is gradually assimilated by our body, the wrinkles or the plumped up lips will just retroact to its previous appearance. A re-touch treatment is advised to keep the beauty and radiance the dermal fillers have done. If the said re-touch is done prior to the loss of its potency it could cause a genuinely lasting effect.

In order to keep the patient as comfortable as possible, the physician would anesthetize the affected area. There are a lot of injectables utilized in order to address the nasal folds, wrinkles, and the whole face that needs proper attention. Derma fillers are known to be one of the safest anti wrinkle treatment these days. So, if you are interested to know more about this treatment you might as well inquire on how this procedure is done.

Overall, derma fillers are one of the best options any person can avail of in order to have a better and younger wrinkle-free skin. Asian women should not be hesitant in inquiring about this procedure as there is already an injectable available in clinics today which are specifically designed for their skin’s needs. Since our facial skin is one of the best assets we have, it is so unforgiving to give it less care and attention than what it actually needs.

Author Bio: Ask for a free wrinkle treatment consultation at Advance Beauty Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Sydney, Australia. Dr Andrew Kim is a highly regarded cosmetic surgeon that performs other surgeries such as hair transplant, rhinoplasty, double eyelids,liposuction and skin care treatment with great success!

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