Facts You Need to Know About IPTV

IPTV is a new technology that will revolutionize the entertainment industry in the near future. It will take television watching to greater heights by providing quality images. There are several facts that you need to know to see whether they can help you know whether you are ready for the new technology.

The first fact would be that internet protocol television is a technology that transports data and audio and video. It carries this data through a digital network that is IP based. Good examples of this networks works would be WAN, LAN and the internet. AV information can also be transferred to televisions or PCs with the help of a set top box. IPTV also has the possibility of one too many or one to one.

The second fact would be that research has proved that approximately 15.5 million people subscribe to the services of IPTV each year. The majority of these subscribers happen to be from Europe. This proofs that the technology is growing in popularity at a very high rate.

The third fact would be that the technology requires internet connection. This is because its demand for bandwidth is quite high. When the technology is connected to a high speed computer it allows the users to have control over the programming of the television. It allows them to be able to make the programming suit them.

The fourth fact is that the technology is able to avoid interruptions of any critical networks. It is able to do this by using a local area network that is separate.

The fifth fact would be that the channels that are free to view are usually delivered without terrestrial receivers or SAT.

The sixth fact would be that there is a prediction that by the year 2012 there will be more than 12.7 million users of the technology. This will be approximately three times the current number of users at present.

The seventh fact is that hotels will be able to get supplementary income through the application of local content, sport and movies. They will also be provided to students in campuses for no charge.

The eighth fact is that with set top boxes additions PCs and television can have AV streamed into them through the present networks.

The ninth fact is that IPTV network can be able to store programs in them. This can later be retrieved at your own leisure when you are free to watch the program. This feature really favors those that are busy and cannot be able to view the programs at the time they are shown. This perhaps would be the biggest advantage of this technology.

Networks that are based on this technology do not suffer ghosting, reflections, interference or harmonics. These are some of the problems that are usually experienced with analogue systems. The digital transmission is no better since they also have some of these problems.

The above are ten facts about the technology. This will enable you know whether you are ready for it.

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