Fun With Fonts

A font is the typeface used on a computer. There are a variety of fonts available, and they vary between computer operating systems. One of the most commonly used fonts is Times New Roman. There are several different types of fonts, and these vary in how readable they are. Different fonts can be fun to play with, but there are a few important guidelines that can make your page as readable as possible for the largest number of people.

Types of Fonts
There are four types of fonts you can use to build your own free website. The Serif fonts have letters made from thin and thick lines, with little lines at the tops and bottoms. These lines make the serif fonts easy to read because they help guide the eye from one letter to the next, and from word to word. Times New Roman and Georgia are both Serif fonts, and most books are also printed with this type of font.

The Sans-serif fonts are made from lines that are all the same width. On older computers in previous years, Sans-serif fonts were easier to read, but today\’s graphics are more than capable of rendering the easy-to-read Serif fonts as well. Your free website creator probably have several Sans-serif fonts, including Arial and Verdana. These can be a little bit difficult to read online, but most work quite well and can be used to create a free website.

Cursive fonts are intended to look like they were written by hand. Most cursive fonts have a lot of embellishment and style that makes them difficult to read. Comic Sans is one major exception, this font is actually quite simple and easy to read. Comic Sans is a good choice for website design, while fonts like Amazone BT and Embassy BT are too difficult to read in a block of text.

Fantasy fonts are the fancy ones that are loved by so many amateur designers. Fantasy fonts can be made to look like Egyptian writing or Celtic knotwork. They are very decorative, but not too easy to read when considering an entire block of text. They can be a lot of fun to use when you make your free website, but limit them to places like titles or headings. Don\’t make your readers try to decipher a paragraph of Bamboo font.

Universal Fonts
It may come as a surprise to many users, but fonts are not universal. Computers render text in a specific way, and a computer can only display the fonts that are installed on the system. That means that your entire paragraph of Bamboo font may appear as plain Arial on someone else\’s computer. However, some fonts are nearly universal and appear the same way on almost every system. These fonts are Times New Roman, Arial, Georgia, Verdana, Comic Sans MS, Book Antiqua, Courier New, Tahoma, and Trebuchet MS. Create a free website using these for the main text, and your page will appear just as you intended it.

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