How Much Does a Doula Cost?

Doula is a term to explain the kind roles for other life trials like death, abortion and some more. The word doula is related with a man or woman who offers non-medical foundation to some women and their families through labor and childbirth. Doula is known as a resource of information through pregnancy, labor and birth. A labor doula or birth doula is somebody who can give a non-midwifery or non-medical maintenance both in emotional and physical to a woman who will be going to or having her labor and delivery which is not totally well trained although training is not really necessary. The Doula Network stresses that a doula is a non medical professional. They can only give a wide variety of comfort measures during labor like massage and aromatherapy for reassurance and handling procedures.

Taking a look at what most of them are going to charge you…

Usually, it varies on the ability of the doula, geographic areas and the services. Doula services depends on the time you them to spend with you. Area in Pacific Northwest for example, a doula ranges up to $250 to $600. In big cities like LA, SF, Seattle etc., doula’s rate range up to $1,200 to $1,500. In Missouri area it ranges up to $300 to $700 that varies on the requirements and certifications and with experience. But, there are doulas who allow payment plans or some who only volunteer their assistance. As far as I know, there are also groups of doula in Chicago area and their price ranges up to $750 to $1,500. There are doulas working for certification and will not charged you or will ask you to pay for expenses. Some doulas will only charge you base on your income.

Doulas services provides one or two pre-birth sessions at home. They will be the one to attend the birth or will give birth at the center and will perform no less than one post-birth home visit. Mostly, they will provide a free phone consultation for the paid clients and will organize for a back-up doula just in case of emergency. Accords with Birthing with Child, a firm company with a flex spending accounts can be worn for doula fees. Other insurance carriers can also give reimbursement for doulas. Most of the doulas will arrange a payment plan or sliding scale to assist those people who doesn’t have enough money for doula and this was said by the Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators.

While a doula really isn’t going to have its prices right on their website, every situation is going to be different. A lot of factors are going to be included in the price such as how many visits, where you live and how far they are going to travel. You will find that if you consult with a few, they are more than happy to talk with you over the phone to give you a good idea on what they are going to charge you for their services.

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