How to Fix the Damage From Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

It can happen to everyone. Most people do not immediately notice fraudulent credit card charges. It is one of the most common forms of identity theft. The vast majority of identity thieves do their work very gradually. This makes it hard to catch them.

Most of these thieves are sneaky. They do not want to get caught and so are very slow and methodical in their methods. They will initially use your account to make very small purchases. So small that if you were only watching your total balance, you might not notice them. Some examples of these offenses are fast food and gasoline purchases.

If you do not catch the identity thief at this early stage, he will assume you are not going to catch him. As a result, he will start to get bolder. He will begin to make larger and larger purchases on your account until you owe thousands of dollars you cannot pay back. From groceries and tee shirts, a perpetrator will move on to cars and weekend vacations until he has exhausted the credit line on the card.

This is how identity thieves often obtain your financial information. Some of them get it online when you pay for items on a web site that is not secure. Some of them are cashiers, bank tellers, or servers who make a copy of your information before giving it back to you. Many identity thieves are either unseen or would normally be given access to your private details.

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to prove to your bank that your identity was stolen. Not only is your information easy to steal, it is also easy to buy things with. If the charges are made online, the software on the site has no way of knowing exactly who the buyer is. If a perpetrator who looks like you pays for a small item in person, he will not need to sign for the sale.

Those activities can ruin your credit score. You will have a hard time proving to the issuing bank that you did not make the stolen charges.

Most credit card fraud victims need the help of a criminal lawyer to clear their names and save their accounts. A lawyer has the ability and the knowledge to do what you cannot. He knows how to and can easily access detailed records about the people who used your financial information without your consent. A criminal lawyer can also track down all of the places where your information was falsely used. He will help prove to the issuing bank that there were purchases made with your information that were not made by you personally.

It can be hard to protect your accounts from fraudulent credit card charges. People can take financial information and use it without being caught for years. Without professional help to track them down and fix the damage they cause, your credit and good name might be ruined forever. A criminal lawyer can restore both of those things without you having to directly deal with the issuing bank.

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