How to Hit a Draw and Avoid Obstacles

A draw shot is when the ball flies from right to left and is used to avoid obstacles between you and your target like trees etc. It will also increase your distance as it will roll further on landing. It is not a shot that should be attemped by a beginner golfer but if you are reasonably experienced it would be a very handy shot to have in your repitoire.

Before you hit a draw, visualize the ball flight you want. When you have decided on the path of flight, it will become your target and you will adjust your stance and body alignment accordingly.

Club Selection and Set Up

To achieve a draw you will need anticlockwise (right to left) spin on the ball. To accomplish this you will need to make contact with a closed club face. Try using a 6 or 7 iron for hitting a draw as the loft will be reduced.

A strong grip is essential so both your hands should be clockwise on the club (thumbs right of the centre line). When you look down you will see more of the back of your left hand and less of the back of your right than you usually do.

The ball should be positioned towards the middle of your stance and the club face should be closed. Your feet and body should be aiming to the right. Allow for the fact that the ball will land with overspin which causes more run.

The Swing

Your backswing, when hitting a draw, should be more rounded so that it travels on an inside curve. Through impact your hands and forearms should rotate and the follow through should be towards your initial target point. A smooth, rhythmic and unhurried swing is needed and on an in-to-out path. At impact the club face should be slightly closed to get a draw.

The draw is not an simple shot as it is a feel shot. Be realistic and only try shots which you feel really confident about and know you are capable of hitting well. Learn these more difficult shots at the driving range and practice ground. Persevere with it and it will give good flexibility to your game.

Important Points

* Your body and feet should aim to the right.

* The club face should be closed (toed in slightly).

* Your hands should be further right on the grip.

* The ball should be towards the middle of the stance.

* The backswing should be more rounded.

* Rotate forearms and hands through impact.

* Follow through towards the initial aim point.

The draw is a penetrating shot when well played. When playing in the wind it is a very handy shot. You can fight or use a strong wind to your advantage.

The draw is a very handy shot when you successfully master it and it will help you immensely especially when you are in tricky situations and it will definately take your golf to the next level.

Author Bio: Learning how to hit a draw is not easy but if you persevere and master this shot it will prove to be very useful on the golf course. Apart from avoiding obstacles it will also give you more distance.

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