How To Make Money In Stock Market And Horrible Forecasts

The bulls have the advantage entering trading next week.

Like last week when I said it, several of you thought I had been mad with regard to thinking that, nonetheless they did and the week closed up.

Anything is feasible in the wall street game no matter whether you understand it or not. Think back to March 09. It felt as if the world was coming to an end however markets started off the largest 9 month run ever. Use your brain cells to merely determine the trend on the stock chart, whatever else is ideology and also politics and is likely to lose you money.

Here\’s exactly why in my opinion the bulls have an advantage over the bears starting investing Monday. The Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Russell 2000 are all in powerful uptrends.

Now a precious metal trader told me how the Dow appears like it\’s going to have a bearish double top formation off the 12400 level. You cannot say that. Absolutely nothing on the chart suggests that a double top will probably form on the Dow. You\’re not a fortune teller. You aren\’t a prophet. You are not Jesus Christ even though I recognize that if you\’re a christian you want to be. You\’ll never manage to foresee the future like Jesus therefore you must stop trying to do it. You don\’t own a time machine either. You can not forecast if a tiny gnat is going to land on your nose within the next 5 minutes not to mention if the Dow is going to do a bearish double top reversal off the 12400 level.

Yet another trader on the opposing end of the range said: I guarantee gold will be in a trading range for the rest of the year. You can not state that. You do not possess a crystal ball.

Look folks, you should get out of your brain the thought that money-making trading and investing is all about having the ability to forecast the future. I recognize that may seem romantic and also exhilarating and makes for an excellent book or Hollywood screenplay, but actual profitable trading has very little to do with guessing the future. In truth, traders and investors which aim to forecast the future normally turn out humiliated and pennyless.

You guys remember the video tutorial I did for the Stock Trading Master (STM) channel named I Know A Guy? I made the online video back on February 1st. In the online video, I show a media story and article which was carried across the Web and published in hundreds of places entitled Eric Sprott Sees $50 Silver and $2,150 Gold By Spring. In this online video, I made fun of professional traders like Eric Sprott whom, as soon as they take their own position in gold and silver, go forth and publish over the Internet these bold predictions with the purpose of driving the value of their own holdings higher.

Now Video hosting site trolls attacked my video and said that I had been wrong just because Eric Sprott manages hundreds of millions of dollars and he\’s an important name guy. The facts prove otherwise. It\’s been almost 2 months since Sprott made this prediction. We have experienced uprisings in the middle east, a huge Tsunami in Japan that has slain over 10,000 people, a nuclear plant melt down, a whole lot has taken place since Sprott made this prediction. Springtime hit over a week ago and gold is at $1,428 and silver is at $38. What happened to $2,150 an oz gold by spring time?

An individuals name isn\’t going to amaze me and it should not wow you. In the event someone is making forecasts regarding the price of something and their utilizing a non-sequitur such as their name or the amount of money they manage to persuade you they can predict the future, make sure you run the opposite way.

Traders and also investors who make prophecies are not really traders in any respect but instead ideologues that have an alternative objective regarding wanting to push a market or stock higher. For instance, take Peter Schiff. He had been wishing the economy would continue to slide to support his gold position. Fox News did not want the economy to improve simply because they would like Obama to be a one-term president. So Fox and Schiff have an ideological agenda that\’s in harmony and therefore Fox News pumps Peter Schiff every time they can. So they have Schiff on who bashes the GM bail out and says the Federal government will be telling you which kind of vehicles you have to drive and that the government can\’t run a car company. He continues on to say that this will be a black hole for tax payers and that they\’re going to have to bail out GM over and over again. Peter Schiff went on to state how the federal government should simply get out of the way and let GM fail (of course a worsening economic climate was beneficial to his gold position and it proved helpful for Fox News\’ aim of making Obama a one-term president). It was announced as though it had been trustworthy news when actually it was just another ridiculous ideologue attempting to predict the future. It ended up that the GM bail out did do the job. It saved over 1 million jobs. The government never said to anyone which kind of car they had to buy. The tax payer was completely paid back. GM keeps growing and is also once more hiring at several of their facilities.

You need to get out of your mind that profitable trading is about forecasting the future. It isn\’t really about that. It\’s about looking at a stock chart and establishing the trend. When you think about it, we are all a trend trader. Everybody needs a trend to form after they buy a stock if they hope to sell it for any profit. Where we vary is time-frame and how long we play the trend for. It\’s about establishing the trend.

The Russell 2000 has now broken above the previous high, however we\’d like verification of this break next week. This is significant since the Russell 2000 is leading the other major indices to the upside which suggests the other key indices will do a breakout too.

Examining market internals, the TICK is fairly incredible with a close at $1086. This higher reading suggests a bullish opinion by institutional investors. Don\’t forget, +1 tick is a buy, -1 tick is a sell. In a perfect world, the market makers would be able to match just about every buy order with every sell order and the TICK would always be 0. However when institutional traders come in and purchase stocks across entire sectors, the market makers are unable to match up each buy order with a sell order immediately and that means you have non-zero readings. Standard retail trading is between -600 and +600. Figures above or even underneath this range would suggest institutional buying or selling. This is significant because as swing traders, we need to buy and sell in the direction of the institutional traders instead of against them. The high reading on the TICK supports my thesis that the bulls have an advantage entering trading next week.

Author Bio: Mr. Jepsen is a 12 year technical analyst and teacher. To find out more about how to profitably trade with the slow stochastic head over to Make Money Stock Market

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