Know About Slip and Fall Accidents

It is amazing how many people die from slip and fall accidents each year. The number of people who get maimed and paralyzed for life is even higher. This misfortune happens more commonly than is generally believed. Depending on where it occurs there are several legal issues that must be addressed thereafter.

There are several causes of these injuries. One of the most common causes is wet and slippery floors. This mostly happens when somebody enters a building which is undergoing cleaning. If you are not careful you can easily fall and injure yourself. Other causes are manholes, torn carpets and a myriad of other things.

It seems that no one and no place is immune from these misfortunes. Homes, offices and even the public places can all be scenes of these injuries. It may or may not be the mistake of the injured person. If it is not his mistake then it may very well be as a result of negligence of the caretakers of those places.

Depending on who is liable for the injury legal redress may be sought. This is why owners of buildings should be careful to secure their premises. It is very costly to settle these kinds of cases. If there is a way they can be prevented it should be done sooner rather the later.

The reality is that most times these are just plain accidents, as the name suggests. However, once in a while it is caused by a negligence of someone. When it is the latter case it is his duty to compensate you for your loss. These are the cases that should be taken to court so that the damages can be assessed.

The attorney handling your case has several things to determine. He has to ensure that the injury could and should have been prevented by the owner of the property. He must also be certain that you were in the said area legally. If, for example, you were trespassing on a property and you harm yourself you should not expect any help.

This field is not clear cut. It takes an expert to determine who is at fault. You should never think you can figure it out yourself. The first instant you suspect that your injury could have been prevented by somebody else you should contact an attorney. He is the only one who can determine this for sure.

To succeed with such a claim it must be clearly proven that the owner was really negligent. Further to that, it must be shown that he could have prevented the injury but did not. The degree to which he is responsible is also a matter of discussion. It is clear that in as much as you want to blame the owner you are responsible at least in part.

Cases involving slip and fall accidents require several proofs. One of these is the obvious one, that you were actually injured. The second proof needed is that of the place where the misfortune occurred. Then you need to avail all the papers pertaining to your medical bills and reports on the case.

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