Lowering the Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease happens when the arteries supplying blood and oxygen to the heart muscles are clogged with plaque, a fatty material also called atheroma. This plaque builds up very slowly in the inner arteries making them narrow. When this happens, the supply of blood in the heart muscle in reduced. Due to this fact, blood can form a clot which can completely block the blood supply and can result to heart attack. Both men and women have a risk of heart disease most especially if there have been a member of the family that has experienced the disease before. The major risk factors contributing to having heart disease are high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity or being overweight. While other factors like smoking, age, genetics, history of heart attack, lack of physical activity, depression, stress, uncontrolled anger, lack of social support, social isolation and improper diet. These risk factors if not taken seriously, can lead to developing heart disease which can result to heart attack or may be even lead to death.

Every person has a risk of having a heart disease. But instead of thinking about developing one, why not do some things to lower the risk of heart disease. So what can one do to lower the probability of having the disease? He must assess the risk of him having heart disease like checking if he is experiencing some of the symptoms like nausea, pain or discomfort in some parts of the body like the back, neck, arms and jaw, and feeling dizzy. It is also important that he take this condition seriously and he must see a doctor first to confirm and consult about his current condition. One of the best things to do is maintaining a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of heart disease. He must not smoke or quit smoking. One main component of cigarette which makes it addictive is nicotine but this can also increase high blood pressure through adrenaline rush. Taking a diet in cholesterol can lower cholesterol levels and lower the risk of having heart disease. Diabetes control is also helpful in reducing risk of heart disease. Some of the practices in controlling diabetes are having a healthy diet, exercising, maintaining a fit weight and purchasing medications. He must also know how to properly manage stress and anger. There are some relaxation techniques recommended in stress and anger management and some of these are having a massage or enrolling in Tai Chi and Yoga lessons. And lastly, eat right.

Lowering the risk of heart disease is important to avoid heart attacks. But what if the changes and maintaining lifestyle habits do not work at all? He shouldn’t worry at all because the body needs to adapt to these changes and it usually takes six months for the body to respond to changes. This means that it is now time to see a doctor. He can ask for medications that can help show positive results but he must remember that he still needs to continue with his healthy lifestyle while taking medications.

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