Making Money WIth Nude Photography: Using Props For Maximum Effect

I\’ve discussed in earlier articles that I like to maintain a consistent theme with my images. This applies to props as well. Obviously, there are no absolute rules that must be adhered to when creating an image. However, I’m a strong believer in the idea that a photograph “works” better if there is consistency to it. If you agree with me on this, you’ll want to include props that will enhance the overall theme.

Let’s take the “Teen” theme as an example. Undoubtedly, there is a large market for teen pics (categories such as “Barely legal”, “Young girls”, “Girl-next-door”, etc.). There was a time, not too long ago, when these types of photo sets were shot in a way that attempted to make 18 and 19-year-olds look even younger than they were. To do this, photographers often used props such as stuffed animals, lollipops, and plaid skirts.

While this type of picture is still being done, there has been a shift away from this general style. These days, you can create far more marketable pics of teens if you style them in a way that is more realistic regarding the actual lives of females of that age. With this in mind, props such iPods and workout equipment are often good choices.

Though clothing may not traditionally be thought of as a prop, I often direct models to use their clothing in this way. For example, a sequence of pictures that show a model taking off her panties can be a good opportunity to use the “clothing-as-prop” method. Instead of taking off the panties as quickly and easily as possible, she can remove them slowly, tug at the sides, pull them tightly between her legs, or let them fall to her knees. Not only does this give the model something to do with her hands; it also encourages unique poses, produces a variety of different shots, and usually leads to extremely sexy images.

Traditional sex toys are probably the most often used props in single girl photo sets. Insertion shots with dildos and vibrators are very popular and serve to give images a significantly sexual vibe. In my opinion, for still photography work, dildos work much better than vibrators. I believe this to be true because dildos have a more “realistic” look and, thus, look sexier in the hands of models (and in other places). I discuss this topic in more detail in my ebook, “Money Shots: The Insider’s Guide to the World of Nude & Erotic Photography” (available for purchase and immediate download at

Conversely, images of females holding vibrators often don’t look very sexy. This is due to a few different reasons. For one, vibrators are usually made of hard plastic. Also, the bulky battery compartment takes up a lot of space and will often hide key areas of the model’s body. Additionally, the various dials, buttons, and controls that are usually present are visually distracting. Lastly, since women very rarely insert vibrators in “real life”, asking models to insert them during shoots will result in very incongruous images. With this type of image, dildos are a much better choice than vibrators.

It’s also important to realize that you aren’t limited to using only “official” sex toys for penetration shots. I’ve used wine bottles, guns, high heels, and a variety of other items as insertion props and I’ve never had a model even raise an eyebrow about any of them.

Author Bio: Michael Charles is a professional photographer based in Los Angeles, California. He is the author of \”Money Shots: The Insider\’s Guide to the World of Nude & Erotic Photography\” (this book is available for purchase and immediate download at For over a decade, Michael has shot exclusively in the world of nude, erotic, and adult-oriented photography. His work has been featured in hundreds of national and international publications and appears on a wide variety of prominent websites. For a complete course on the techniques, styles, moneymaking secrets, and amazing fringe benefits of nude and erotic photography, visit

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