Many Back Specialists Recommend Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression has been recently approved as a surgery free method to help cure skeletal disorders such as herniated discs that cause severe back pain and limit mobility. This therapy stretches the spinal column and removes undue pressure from injured discs and vertebrae and also treats facet joint syndrome. Those who have tried pain medications with little success might want to consider this recently approved treatment.

Many people with severe back pain have relied on pain relieving injections with moderate success but the effectiveness of injections, many believe, begins to diminish after repeated injections. Pain medications can prove to be effective but medications cause unwanted side effects and in some individuals cause dependency. Side effects can include nausea and dizziness and a feeling of lethargy in some medication users.

People with a history of drug dependency should refrain from using any type of narcotic pain medication because using such medication can cause a person to relapse. The term relapse refers to a person who has been free of addiction to resume the addiction. It is critical that a person who has a back problem, who has had a history of drug dependence, to find non medication methods of pain relief in order to avoid a relapse.

Many in the medical community believe that back surgery should be the last option because the risks involved in back surgery are high. It is interesting to note that as far as medical surgical techniques have evolved in the last one hundred years that back operations are still fraught with potential danger. The back is made up of delicate nerves, tendons, and ligaments and a slight error on the operating table can result in a major back handicap.

Many chiropractors practice spine realignment believing that many backaches are caused by a spinal column that is sending wrong messages from the nervous system to the vertebrae and back discs. Some patients benefit from spine realignment while others experience minimum pain relief from the procedure and return to pain medications. Chiropractic care has been shown to be effective when spine decompression is combined with other chiropractic treatments but not every chiropractor performs decompression treatment.

Many back specialists recommend treatments to help relieve the pressure on one or many pinched nerves in the spine. Many back specialists believe that this type of treatment will promote disc healing and enhance the structural integrity of the injured discs. Back specialists recommend pressure relieving treatments in order to increase motion and spine flexibility.

Many patients report that after their pressure relieving treatments that they can sleep more soundly and can resume a pre-injury lifestyle. Many back specialists support pressure relieving treatment because the specialists believe that the treatment helps restore connective tissue to pre-injury status. Many back specialists are optimistic about the advances in this particular type of back treatment.

There are those in the medical community who are seeing good results with spinal decompression which is a non surgical back healing technique. Many people use pain medication to control their back pain but pain medication is problematic. Pain medication can cause unwanted side effects and can cause dependency issues in some patients especially patients with a history of drug addiction. Spinal decompression, many back specialists believe, helps promote natural healing of the vertebrae, ligaments, and nerve endings.

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