Massage Therapy in the Workplace

Many corporate offices are beginning to incorporate and offer massage as a means to benefit and enhance productivity. Corporate entities have begun to utilize chair massage techniques in the workplace which has slowly gained popularity and has become a staple in most work environments. Long hours in front of computer result in back pains and other physical restraints. In addition, a high stress area as is within a workplace can negatively impact a worker’s body and mind. It is important to have several activities and aids in place which lessen the stress and workload. Reducing fatigue and anxiety will result in a better work atmosphere.

Massage therapy has thus become a very valuable asset for the corporate community with many offices installing products and offering services which bring about productivity and wellness. Whether it be as an incentive or as a regular benefits package, massage therapy in the workplace will become an asset for any employee.

On site massage therapy will positively affect employees in the following ways:

● It increases productivity and morale. Fortune magazine commented on corporate massage and how greatly it worked at benefiting the employees of over 100 companies. As summarized by the Gallup poll \”employee attitudes correlate strongly with higher profits.\”

● It relieves fatigue and stress. On-site massages are able to energize the mind and body by relaxing muscles and soothing the spirit. A survey by Time Magazine stated that workers preferred massages over coffee breaks.

● It is able to increase brain power and also sharpens the senses. In Florida, a test was administered where workers who were massaged finished a math test faster and with fewer errors than others.

● On-site massages are able to free the body from emotional stress or reduce the body from the damaging effects of stress. It also helps to relieve pain, muscle spasms, headaches, backaches, is able to improve circulation and reduce blood pressure.

Corporate massage therapy does not occur the same way it would at a massage parlour or spa. Massages are administered within 10-20 minutes and is performed while a worker is fully clothed. These massages are aimed at the back, arms, neck and shoulders. The massage therapist provides a specially designed chair, relaxing music, aromas and other such products.

Appointments are made by the company in advance and time is set aside for the massage. Many businesses also help to remind their workers of upcoming massage dates so as to have them working efficiently and productively. Payment varies, where some companies may pay the full amount while others may split the cost. Some make the service available for those employees who would like a massage and would like to pay for it themselves. Most therapists take all forms of payments such as cash, checks or credit cards.

There are also several other benefits to on-site corporate massage. For one, massage is tax deductible as it is seen as a medical expense. Massages in the workplace are also flexible as workers or employers can pay from a spending account. Some large companies also offer further wellness aids such as exercise programs and other similar activities.

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