Massage Types: Reflexology

Reflexology is a type of massage developed by the Chinese. The Chinese believe in ‘chi’ or energy which flows through the human body along meridians or paths. This energy flows freely and without hindrance but may become blocked or congested if chi is unbalanced. When chi is unbalanced the entire body experiences ailments and pains and the individual may become stressed. Reflexology has thus become a tool used to help relieve stress and bring the body and mind back to its natural balance. This massage technique employs certain movements which help to restore the balance of the body and energy.

In reflexology, the organs of the body are mapped out on the hands and feet. The right side of the body is reflected on the right foot and hand and the left is reflected on the left foot and hand. When pressure is applied to the hands and feet they result in physical change in the entire body.

Barbara and Kevin Kunz are the international authorities well learned in reflexology. However, they take the basic premise of chi and zones and expound them further. Their theory states that when the body is stressed it will enter into a ‘fight or flight’ state. This ‘fight or flight’ results in adrenalin and enables the human body to respond quickly and effectively to emergency. They summarize that flight is done with the feet and flight with the hands. Both are connected to the central nervous system which communicates with the body and tells it what to do. Reflexology thus manipulates the hands and feet in order to command the other areas of the body. It manipulates the nerve endings which interrupt the stress signals in the body and help to reduce stress.

Reflexology practitioners use touch and various techniques to diagnose signs and areas of stress. This is figured by reflexologists by the way the patient reacts to touch and how sensitive they are. They then implement whichever methods or techniques needed to alleviate pain and stress within the rest of the body. The techniques will often include depression of the thumb, finger and hand to designated areas.

Reflexology is unlike most other forms of massage. Creams and oils are not used. The patient also does not lay flat on a massage table but sits in a specialized chair removing only their socks and shoes. These sessions are scheduled in increments of thirty minutes to as long as an hour. Both the feet and hands are massaged with varying pressure and movements.

Reflexology also differs from regular foot massages in several ways. This type of massage works on the nervous system of the body applying pressure to vital points. At the end of a session, and if done correctly, the patient will experience a sense of well being and calmness. Reflexologists are common as the need for massage therapy has grown over time. The Reflexology Association of America certifies professionals and practitioners after they study and pass an in-depth exam. They are also able to suggest practitioners locally for anyone who needs their services.

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