Private Jet Charter Has Come of Age

Many large companies and some excessively wealthy people already own their own jets. The advantages of this are so obvious now that the private jet charter industry has become firmly rooted and is growing in fertile soil.

In the early days of the twentieth century a trip from the colonies back \’home\’ to England would take ten to fifteen days. Mid-way through the century big commercial jets made their appearance and soon began to grow bigger and bigger into double deck jumbos. Air travel remained glamorous for some years because passengers were treated as valued customers. Sometimes pilots would walk though the cabin shaking hands or give a commentary about what could be seen on either side of the aircraft. Cabin crew were always fresh and professional and hardly ever on strike.

As the numbers of people making use of commercial jet travel expanded rapidly the predatory eyes of criminals followed them. Soon terrorists hit in the idea of taking whole planeloads of people hostage in order to gain personal and political ends. The air bandits were able to use the popularity of air travel to their own advantage by threatening the lives of a large number of people who could easily be held to ransom by a few strangers who slipped aboard with weapons concealed.

Although a terrorist attack may be a remote possibility on any one flight the fact that it has happened has rightly had an impact on security arrangements. Each passenger is treated as a potential terrorist. Watched by armed guards, frail old ladies, children and families are herded like cattle through race ways, under surveillance cameras, towards body searches. Not long ago in human history people speculated that, \’one day we may fly\’. They would probably be agog at what people now endure in order to fly in such huge jet propelled machines.

Humanity has advanced to the point where enemies of the Queen are no longer hung drawn and quartered. One does not see heads or body parts displayed outside cities, but authorities have come up with a new torture instrument known as the queue. Like dumb animals people seem to accept as inevitable things that can be remedied. Indifferent to people around them, they sit with their feelings bottled up inside them staring straight ahead as people did in the past as they waited to be beheaded

Notwithstanding the fact that every detail concerning an individual is recorded on a database somewhere everyone is required to wait in government buildings, or fritter away hours at airports. Into this scene the private jet industry flies like an avenging hero.

Torturous waits can be avoided by simply hiring a private jet. A person who earns $200 an hour will waste $2000 dollars if he sits for ten hours staring at an advertisement in the course of a business trip. Celebrities who might earn that amount in a minute will also avoid being gawked at by people who have no intention of paying for the privilege. The fact that private jets come in a range of sizes and costs make private charters well worth further investigation.

The iconic Warren Buffet is famously prudent when it comes to personal expenditure but has invested in a private jet, and reportedly in a private jet charter company too. This may indicate something about the cost effectiveness of this travel option. Knowing that time is of the essence private jet charter companies will go all out to provide clients with hassle free services. Clients will enjoy luxury, the old fashioned sense of personal satisfaction and the ability to fly straight to a point near their final destination. They will know that their safety is assured and that their travel companions are people they can trust even thought their identity is kept confidential by the charter company.

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