Pros and Cons of Locum Tenens Jobs

A locum tenens is someone who temporarily fills a job position for someone else who cannot be there. Locum tenens jobs fill positions that are vacated temporarily. Although this is a temporary position, the person must still follow all rules and regulations. They are also expected to manage or be managed the same as the person they are replacing.

An employee may become a substitute in several ways. There are many agencies that serve to fill positions needed by companies . They could be a freelance who applies for positions that are advertised as short-term. They also may work as a substitute at several jobs as in the case of a teacher who may work several substitute teaching jobs at different schools.

There are several instances a hiring company will look to fill an vacated position with a short term hire.In some cases an organization may be unsure of the long term finances they have to work with, such as some government funded agencies.Vacations, extended sick leave and unexpected emergencies may leave an open position to be filled. There are businesses who hire temps and will retain them as permanent only if they prove their worth.

The same benefits paid to permanent employees are usually lacking here. A substitute teacher would not entitled to insurance policies that a staff teacher would. They would not be accruing pension or tenure. Sometimes these positions are on an as needed basis, with the temp not knowing exactly when they may be needed again. The pay scale is often less than a permanent employee of that organization.

There are advantages as well. Since most locum tenens are professional positions they can be used on a resume. They are also a way for the employee to get comfortable in the line of work they are looking for. The concept works well for semi-retired persons who do not want to be tied down to a particular company or work full time again.

Disadvantages also are present for the hiring body. Sometimes it is felt that locums perform less than high quality work. In the case of a lawyer for example, this may be due to them not having developed a good knowledge of past histories. Also due to the flexibility required by the position, a better temp may demand a higher salary, which may have to be paid due to the importance of filling the position.

Advantages to the company hiring a locum tenen include filling a position when they are sure the permanent employee is returning. Less stress on existing staff occurs if they are not required to pick up the duties of an absent employee. In a situation where an agency is unsure of its future, this provides an alternative to guaranteeing high incomes to employees.

Locum tenens are a growing commodity in most countries. The concept is becoming more and more popular and widespread. It enables a hospital, school, legal agency to keep functioning when they are short staffed or in temporary need of help.

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