Proven Tips to Eliminate Speeding Tickets

Most people can tell you how much they get speeding tickets, and how costly they happen to be. When you get a certain number in a span of time your insurance rates can rise as well. There are many different ways that you can avoid them. The tips we have are very common sense and will help you avoid getting another one and costing you money.

When you are going to go over the speed limit drive in a pack of cars as the chances of the officer pulling everyone over is not very good. Try to be in the middle of the back as many times either the lead or end car will be the one that is targeted. By being in the middle you increase your chances of getting away from the officer. Of course it is not foolproof, so always keep that in mind.

You do not want to go more than ten miles over the posted speed limit. Law enforcement is looking for people going more than ten miles over the limit as a general rule. If you stay under the ten mile limit you should be fine. Once you go over it though you will be increasing your chances of being caught. These days law enforcement will let certain things go, but more than ten over does not fly with them.

Law enforcement is also more likely to target out-of-state license plates as well. If you are not in your home state you need to make sure you are following all the traffic rules. For some reason out-of-state license plates seem to be targeted more than ones who live in the state.

Never drive aggressively or switch lanes all the time. This is a tip-off to law enforcement and you have a better chance of being pulled over. Doing this will increase your visibility, and that is something that you do not want to do. If you stand out from the crowd in the end you will pay for it. Driving safely and in control is a good idea and will help you avoiding any problems.

If you happen to be the only vehicle on the road do not go more than five miles over the speed limit. Officers will tend to let five miles over go when you are alone on the road. If you try to push that limit any higher you will most likely be talking to law enforcement on the side of the road.

Not going over the speed limit of course is another thing that you can do. Most people do stay under it, but setting cruise control is your best weapon to avoid this issue. Every car these days have cruise control, so use it and that will help you avoid any problems.

As you can see avoiding speeding tickets can be done if you use some common sense. The tips above if followed should help you avoid any problems. Just stay diligent and always know your surroundings as that will give you the best chance to avoid one.

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