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All of us want to optimize our resources. In today’s world when everybody is in a rush and want things to be easily accessible, majority of us look up the internet for our queries. We just log onto some search engine and enter our doubts; being confident about getting the perfect results. The users usually tend to visit the website that top the list. Moreover, surprisingly most of the time, the purpose is served and the need of visiting another website is just ruled out. Have you ever tried thinking how a website tops the list while others just remain uncloaked? Well that is what Search Engine Optimization or SEO is. This powerful web marketing is not just a science but also art. Now this technique is used to describe the designing of a website in a way that it will emerge privileged in search engine rankings. Optimizing a website might involve editing the content and the HTML. It might also need changing the linked code(s) to increase its relevance to specific keywords and also for removing the hurdles to the indexing actions of the search engines. Another approach of the SEO is promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links.

When a search engine visits a site and indexes a page, it cannot spot the images. It just reads the content on the page and tries to identify what the subject matter of the page is all about. What are most important are the content of the website and also the pattern of the copy. The search engine will not settle on a particular site if a keyword phrase related to the subject is not used enough. However, if the keyword is used too much then the search engine might just mark the page as \”spam\”!

The leading search engines use crawlers to locate pages for their search results. Now, pages that are linked with any other search engine page do not need submission as they are traced automatically. The SEO, edits or helps building a new website to make it prominent and to also to get traffic. However, choosing a SEO is not a very easy task. One has to be very careful and be alert to avoid any misuse. SEO’s not just help enhancing traffic to a particular site but some also use methods to deteriorate the relevance along with the quality of a website. Various disreputable SEOs might just give the industry a black eye through their belligerent marketing efforts. These unethical SEO’s are termed as spamdexing.

The former, tends to fabricate results that last for a long period of time, whereas the later, foresee that the sites in due course will be proscribed once the search engines discover them. Spamdexing tries to improve rankings in ways that are highly disapproved by the search engines, or involve trickery.

It is a little difficult to get the right SEO for a website but a thorough research on the same might just help. So the next time you get a website at the top of a search engine, you know, it has just got the right SEO for itself!

Author Bio: Quick Recap : Search Engine Optimization Specialist – how to get success in search engine results -The users usually tend to visit the website that top the list -is promoting a site to increase the number of back links, or inbound links –Search Engine Optimization Specialist can increase your site traffic in organic

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