Should You Kiss the Girl on Your First Date

Most guys will encounter this moment when dating girls, so you are not alone with this thought. My take about whether to kiss her or not during the first date is that you must be aware that the first kiss is something that must turn the girl on in a sexual and intimate way. If you are not sure that you can do that then leave it for another day as the raising of sexual tension may not achieved and you might even turn her off.

Yes, many dating coaches tell us to always go for a kiss even on the first date. This is because the first date kiss is a good way to escalate sexual tension. However, my personal opinion is that it is more important to look for signals to kiss before making any move at all. You should always see if it is appropriate for the moment or you else you may just never get to see her again when mess up the situation.

In order to know when is the appropriate moment, ask yourself these two questions. The first question is do you want to see her again?

Look, if you are not interested in her and do not want to see her again then you should not escalate the relationship sexually. This is because when you kiss a girl, you are indirectly telling her that you are interested in her or even like her. However, if you are not going to date this girl again, you are just going to hurt her. This is not the right thing to do, isn\’t it?

On the other hand, if you are interested in her and want to continue with the relationship, then ask yourself the next question and the question is did she send out positive signals to you during the date?

If she had been sending you positive signals via her body language, then she may just want you to kiss her as she is interested you. If she was leaning towards you and listening to you attentively when you were speaking, were laughing at your downright corny jokes and had some physical touching, then these were cues for you to kiss her.

When this happens, do not make the mistakes most guys commit. The mistake is to wait until the end of the night to kiss her. Do go for the kiss once the right signals are all there. This is because you may chicken out at the last moment and missed the opportunity to take the relationship to another level.

So pick the right moment and that is when she is showing plenty of positive signals such as when she is laughing and touching you. Kissing when emotions are high can be very exciting and she will want more when sexually aroused. This can take the relationship to another level.

So should you kiss a woman during first date? Well, only you can answer the question after honestly asking yourself the above two questions and assessing the situation.

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