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The hope of dramatic, clear contact with spiritual guides too often leads to regret. Much stress has been placed on spirit guide contact by many spiritual authors.

Below are seven tips for attainment of authentic spiritual guidance.

1. It is very significant to note that not all \”guides\” offer complete truth and wisdom just because they are not in a physical body. Various have strong biases and may not be objective with their advice to you.

It\’s easy to fault a disincarnate soul (someone who expired but did not go to \”the Light\” for a variety of reasons) or a dark entity for a \”guide.\” If the guide offers input that sounds unbiased or prejudiced in any way, doesn\’t feel uplifting or of a higher vibration, or feels adverse and gives negative sounding advice (e.g., telling you to do something that would incur karma), claim that it leave and ask for spiritual cleansing help from whomever you pray to.

For example, if a person makes contact through an Ouija board, pendulum, or some other means with an energy who claims to have been someone famous, such as Elvis, is wary. Even if it really is a famous personality, there is no assurance that the information will be truthful.

2. Everyone notices spiritual guidance differently. Some hear (clairaudience), some see (clairvoyance), and some just know (Clair cognizance), some feel (clairsentience), some taste or smell, and some experience various mixtures or all of the above (Clair-all). This is correct with past life recall also. If a person just know or feel, he may not openly hear or see his guides or past lives.

Even though he may very well have one (or more) main custodian guide, it\’s likely that most people are not supposed to have a reliable, direct link to him or her while incarnated. Why, often people ask? If people could pick up their unworldly telephone and had an invisible, on-call advisor to give them straight answers, 100% sure-fire direction any time they required it, this would be false; people would not learn the lessons they have incarnated to experience.

3. It is totally possible, in our, opinion that many people have made, in their mind, a name and image of the helpful spiritual energy they call their guide. We don\’t see anything wrong with this, as long as it\’s only to recognize the energy.

4. We don\’t feel that relating a name with spiritual insight or discovering the name of a guide is significant because it may not always be a guide from which people are originating information, and it\’s easy to become reliant on on a guide.

5. Receiving external help is great, but relying on yourself as much as possible in meditation by connecting with your unconscious mind and your higher-self is usually greatest. The unconscious mind is where all life memories are put in storage, along with all worries and defences. Our higher-self is also our connection or all that is. Some say it\’s a straight connection to God, your god-self.

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