Swedish Massage 101

A Swedish massage is one of the many methods of massage therapy; it is almost similar to the others in terms of style and techniques being used. It also has the same purpose which is to relieve pain and aid in providing the body a good and healthy condition.

It is known that this type of massage technique is now the most popular and commonly practiced among individuals and public massage parlor and spas. This type of massage method uses various massage strokes for an effective and pleasing session. These strokes include kneading, stretching, tapping, friction, as well as the effleurage which is a famous smooth, gliding stroke in a Swedish massage method.

During a massage session like in a Swedish massage therapy, you will be asked to kindly undress and remove all your clothes before the session will begin. Some people are too shy in undressing that is why it has been a standard practice that the massage therapist should leave the room while the customer is undressing. There is also the privilege to retain your underwear in case you get uncomfortable or is just uncomfortable from the start.

Massage oil is then applied to your skin in order to smoothly work on the massage strokes on the different areas of your body. In general, the back of your body is usually the starting point where they begin working those massage strokes. After the massage therapist is done on your back, the next area will be your legs. Don’t be shy or hesitate to ask for an additional massage oil to be poured on your skin if ever you feel that it is needed although most of these trained massage therapists know when it is enough and sufficient. You should also be vocal during the session on what pressure you prefer to be applied so that the massage therapist will have an idea on what you want. This will help a lot in providing you a comfortable and relaxing session. The last part to be worked with is the front area of your body. After a good 40 to 90 minutes of complete relaxation, you will be asked to carefully stand and put back on your clothes and leave the room.

You will have a wonderful feeling after you had your massage session as your stress will be gone and your body will be relieved from its pain. Regular massage therapy is a good idea for a healthy living as it removes unwanted waste that blocks the path for a good circulation of oxygen in your body.

You will find out that the cost of a Swedish massage therapy always varies on the place where you had your session. That’s why scouting for affordable saloons is the best thing to do although most of these are reasonable and give promos especially for those who are regularly having their massage session.

Proper preparation and a good choice of massage parlor and spa makes up for a rewarding, relaxing and stress-relieving massage session.

Author Bio: I write for TIR Massage Stone about obtaining a proper hot stone massage kit and performing hot stone massage therapy.

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