Swedish Massage – Gentle and Relaxing

Massage therapy is a therapeutic touching and kneading of your superficial and deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues in your body to enhance the blood and oxygen circulation, function, relief from stress and pain, and helps in the quick recovery of a person. There are more than eighty methods of massage therapy which are different from each other but serves under one purpose which is to relax and rejuvenate your stressed out body.

People get relieved and relax very well after a massage therapy session due to the fact that it helps in improving the circulation of oxygen as well as other important nutrients that our body tissues need. It also helps in relieving stress from pain and muscle tension by clearing out lactic acid buildups that are responsible for muscle pain. Kneading helps block out unwanted waste to reduce the pain in our muscles and joints.

Swedish massage is perhaps the most common type of therapeutic massage in the US today. This type of massage is also a popular must-try for those individuals who haven’t yet tried any massage therapy. This relaxing therapy uses oil or lotion on the body of the customer and works on the superficial layers of the muscles in smooth, long strokes as well as in kneading motion.

When you schedule a Swedish massage session, you’ll get about 40 to 90 minutes after you are thoroughly examined and your medical history is known. This is done to know your current condition and for them to know what is needed to be done and avoided during your session.

On most cases, you are required to undress although you will have the liberty to keep your underwear on if you want to. This is done while your massage therapist leaves the room for your comfort. After you are set facing down on the padded massage table, you can now tell your massage therapist that you are all set and ready for your massage session although most of the time your therapist will knock on the door and ask how you are doing. Lotion or light oil will then be used and poured on your body as your therapist begins working what they do best. Your body massage will begin from the top of your back to your legs. After the massage therapist finished massaging your back, you will be asked to turn around so that he or she can work on your chest, arm, abdomen and your legs. After your session is done, you will be asked to get your clothes on while your therapist gets out of the room. This is a standard procedure so that you will be as comfortable as you want while putting back your clothes. You don’t have to hurry though on getting up and wearing your clothes as standing up quickly will get you dizzy for a brief moment.

You will feel relaxed and your whole body rejuvenated after your session. After this you will surely be coming back again for another satisfying Swedish massage therapy.

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