The Basics Of Pull Ups

Pull ups are basically just exercises for the upper body that you perform with your upper body suspended, while you extend your arms and have your palms in an overhand grip on some sort of fixed bar. These are different from chin ups because they use an underhanded grip. Chin ups are exercises that work your bicep muscles, while these exercises target your lats. It is easier to do pull ups. However, both of these exercises are vital when it comes to muscle building, as well as developing your gripping strength and overall health and balance of your shoulders.

A pull up bar is just any piece of equipment that you can attach to your doorway or hallway in your home in order to do these exercises. You could even use a tree branch or a railing- basically any bar that is horizontal that you can hang from.

You can do the most basic pull up exercise by simply hanging from any pull up bar and then pulling your body straight up. Do not kick or swing- just use your upper body strength. When you are first starting out it will be hard to do even one pull up. However, once you start to gain strength in your upper back muscles and become more accustomed to this type of exercise, you will soon be able to do six of them. This will be the minimum number that you can do before you will be getting any sort of benefit from them.

Eventually you will do the weighted version, which is when you add some weights to your body in an effort to make the exercises harder. One way you could do this is with a weighted belt, or you could also hold a dumbbell with your feet. This may still be out of your league, so you could try to use a backpack full of books, which will be a good way to work up to other things.

You can do the muscle up technique by lifting your body up to chest level hard, and then pushing up even more. Then you straighten your arms out and rest on them. Stay like this for a second before you go back down.

You can do a one handed or one armed pull up once you have quite a bit of strength. This will be great when it comes time for you to add some intensity to your pull up routine. Build up to the exercise by beginning with regular ones, and then just mix it up by rocking back and forth and alternating each arms. You can also try to do these with one free hand while holding on to the forearm of the other hand.

Pull up exercises can be extremely challenging. In order to keep yourself from straining a muscle or injuring yourself in some way, make sure that you always do warm up exercises for a minimum of five minutes as well as stretching exercises for at least 10 minutes before you begin any routine that includes pull ups.

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