The Cost of a Ferret

The cost of the ferret depends from place to place that depends on your location of living. Usually, it range from $75-$250 or normally range to $100 for the breeders and stores. With a cage and supplies, it cost a plan of $150-$400 and an additional cost for the first vaccination of $75.

However, it’s not the cost that you need to get hold of when buying a pet ferret but you have to consider that there’s a lot more than the animal itself. You need to consider that it will be costly to own a pet ferret for the health to be guaranteed. Having a ferret, you need to give a required vaccinations, an annual veterinarian visits for properly care and a supply of a good quality of foods. As a reliable ferret owner, you need to entrust a safe environment, give a needed right care and love. Ferret need to have a one distemper vaccination and need a 3 more distemper vaccinations that is needed at their 9, 12, and 16 weeks of age. When they reach 13-16 weeks, they will be required for a rabies vaccination through an exotic animal veterinarian.

Having a pet ferret, you have to consider the recommended supplies from a veterinarian such as multi-tiered large cage. An environment should also include a tube, litter box, hammock , toys, water bottle, high quality ferret foods, bedding, book about ferrets, collar harness, soft brush, leash, litter box, nail clippers/kwik stop, ferret shampoo, hair ball preventative, and ear cleaning solution. All of these items are going to greatly vary depending on where you purchase them, and how much you do decide to purchase for your new pet.

For the supplies, it will range for a total cost of over a $500. You need to set up to purchase the supplies every month all the way through the ferret’s life. You have to expect for spending $200 for the food every year, $200 on litter, $70 to $80 on toys and treat and a lot of money to spend on the other supplies. The cost of the veterinary depends generally, but you have to expect to pay out at anyplace for almost $100 for the needed vaccinations without health issues. You also need to consider the annual checkup as a veterinary care that may range to $250 to $500 even if your pet ferret is healthy. Commonly, ferrets are prone to diseases and illness if you don’t know how to take care of. That is why it is recommended for you to set aside an emergency fund of $800 for the veterinarian care.

While all of these prices are going to be averages, you’re going to find that if you consult with a pet shop, they will be more than happy to show you what they have in store, and what you’re going to more than likely have to purchase. You’re going to also find out that you can purchase many of these supplies in bulk to save on the overall expenses.

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