The Intensity of the Ultimate Fighting Championship

For years boxing was known as the most popular form of fighting. Over the past few years it has been replaced with a new form of fighting. The mixed martial arts fighting competition called the Ultimate Fighting Championship has surpassed boxing as the most popular form of fighting out there today. It is basically a form of competition where fighters are able to do just about anything to win their fight.

It was first introduced back in Denver in 1993. The sport has since gained a huge following. The first competition put eight of the worlds best martial arts experts up against each other. The fight consists of many different forms of combat. These eight fighters competed in any form of combat they were used to until Royce Gracie was crowned the first UFC champion.

The fight is done in an octagon shaped ring. It has put all different types of fighters up against each other. Wrestlers often fight karate people and there are also boxers and kick boxers in the sport. It is a much more intense form of competition and injuries are often times much worse than boxing. Its violence has caused quite a bit of controversy on more than one occasion.

The fact that the sport is so violent caused them to ban it in thirty six states. John McCain tried to have the sport banned altogether. They are forced to put a disclaimer on televised matches warning people of the violence that is involved in the sport. There have been a couple of deaths in the ring. It is a great sport for people who want a fight with no rules. One of their tag lines is no rules although there are a few.

The sport was only supposed to have one championship and then be over with. After the success of the first president Dana White decided to hold more competitions. The demand for the sport is larger than most other sports out there today. People have wanted a no rules fight competition for a while and this provides them with exactly that. Any body is able to enter into the competition.

They have since introduced a non tournament match which is called super fights. This was because after going through eight rounds of elimination in the original format the final fighter were tired and worn out. The super fights put two fresh fighter against each other. The first non tournament champion was Ken Shamrock.

Since its introduction in 1993 the sport has become very big business. It has actually taken many boxing spectators away from that sport. Boxing is currently struggling due to the popularity of this kind of competition. They definitely hold the industries majority market share.

They have since begun a television series where competitors train and compete against each other. They have made an extremely large amount of money through apparel sales and other products. They also make money off of the pay-per-view fights that they hold. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a very exciting as well as lucrative sport to be involved in. It will definitely test how tough one is.

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