The Origin and Evolution of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has long since been used as a method of healing various ailments that plague the human body. For thousands of years, healers have tapped into the healing properties of aromatherapy. Although, its roots are are hard to trace, scientists and doctors have found that aromatherapy can be dated back at least 4000 years. The Egyptians were the first noted to use botanics in several different ways. Using a number of spices and herbs, the Egyptians were said to indulge in soothing massages aided by the aromas. These spices and herbs were also commonly used as medication, within their cosmetics and even in embalming.

Many centuries later, Hippocrates was the first to bring aromatherapy into the forefront as a high profile procedure. 2000 years earlier, the physician’s creed was written attesting to the benefits of aromatherapy as both a physical and emotional healer. Within the 10th century, the Arabs used aromatherapy by extracting the oils from plants through the process of distillation. There are many other cultures throughout history that used the curative powers of plants in potions, aromas and even jewelry. Through distillation, extracting oils from herbs and plants has been widely used as a therapy for emotional and physical ailments. Aromatherapy is able to treat and cure ailments such as headaches, asthma, arthritis, acne, dry skin and herpes.

In the 1900s, both France and England attempted to reintroduce the healing properties of aromatherapy to the populace by garnering positive reviews from the traditional medical community. France has since been successful in reinstating ancient remedies into modern applications. French doctors are known to prescribe aromatherapy to special patients. It is widely common for French pharmacies to stock and sell a wide variety of oils and crushed herbs. Insurance companies are also willing to pay for medical treatments which involve ancient healing remedies such as aromatherapy.

Nowadays, aromatherapy is a relatively popular method of healing. However, the use of prescription pills is more greatly seen. There are still some persons who believe in the healing powers of aromatherapy. These herbs and plants are able to stimulate ad relax the human body far deeper than other substances. The distillation of these plants and herbs help to promote a healthy body and mind. Physical and emotional ailments have long since been treated by the effects of massage using oils and aromas. Scientists have, since the installment of aromatherapy, been studying its use within the medical field.

History shows how aromatherapy has positively affected the minds and bodies of people afflicted with several different ailments. Aromatherapy consists of essential and pure oils which are obtained from various plants and herbs. They are either cold-preserved or distilled from their fruit, flowers, bark or roots and used in aromatherapy sessions. The French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse was the first to grow an interest in and discover the many uses of aromas. He began distilling plants and fruits and testing how they stimulated the mind. Aromatherapy is still used today by many doctors and therapists as an alternative to traditional medicine.

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