The Principles of Everyday Grace by Marianne Williamson

For anybody on the lookout for self-help books, the first observation will most likely be that the shelves of bookstores and catalogs of online sites are filled with books, e-books and audio books dealing with financial success specifically material wealth. Works on personal success in relation to spiritual fulfillment amidst a chaotic world are few and far between except for the world\’s bestselling book – the Bible. And then along comes The Principles of Everyday Grace authored by Marianne Williamson to change the landscape.

It must be emphasized that Williamson is already an established author on everyday spirituality with a wide fan base. Many of her fans, however, assert that Williamson has lost her touch – call it magic, if you will – in writing about grace, hope and forgiveness such that sales may have slacked off. With this new book, fortunately, all of her fans agree that Williamson has brought back her personal touch of magic that separated her from the rest of the ho-hum crown in the genre.

In fact, Marianne Williamson uses many several analogies to magical stories to drive home her points. Fictional but magical characters like Cinderella and Harry Potter are woven into The Principles of Everyday Grace for an added touch of whimsy although we have to note that her many words of advice on finding grace on an everyday basis even amidst troubles are definitely down-to-earth. Indeed, the author seeks to add magic to an otherwise dreary existence and, hence, encourages us to find grace, hope and love in everyday situations.

One of the best things to say about the book is that it helps to balance our search for worldly success – material wealth, career advancement and financial stability – with the necessity to find our spiritual core. In the end, the material wealth can be taken away by robbers, termites and circumstances but the ability to find opportunities for personal spiritual growth even in the most trying of times is ours to keep and enjoy, if and when we have them. This is the core message of Williamson\’s The Principles of Everyday Grace.

For example, if you are successful in your professional life, you will most probably expect everything else to fall into place. But the circumstances of life are not yours to control in every aspect and so something will go wrong and adversely impact on your life. You can either choose to maintain peace of mind that will help you overcome the trial or start experiencing negative feelings that can ultimately lead to your downfall. Marianne Williamson is the author to go to if and when you want to enjoy the benefits of peace of mind.

So, what can you expect from the contents of The Principles of Everyday Grace? To sum it up:

– Introduction to and explanation of the five mystical wands that can transform every aspect of your life. Cinderella and Harry Potter come into the picture.

– Explanations on how the observance of religious holidays deepen your faith and spirituality.

– Provision of practical exercises and prayers to strengthen your deep spiritual connections in daily life.

If you want to experience spirituality rooted in deep faith, then The Principles of Everyday Grace is the book for you. Williamson, after all, knows what she is talking about in her program on this book.

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