What Happens During a Massage?

In general, all methods of massage requires the person being massaged to remove all of his or her clothes for a better access on the different areas that are going to be worked with during the massage therapy session. In case you are uncomfortable wearing nothing at all, let your massage therapist know so that he or she will be aware that you are not comfortable. Your massage therapist will usually recommend that you wear back or leave your undergarment or use a towel to cover your private part as you lie down on the padded massage table.

Almost all types of massage therapy also uses oil and lotion which is applied on the skin of the customer for a smooth surface as the massage therapist works his or her way throughout the body of the customer. The type of oil or lotion though varies depending on the saloon or the type of massage therapy being done to the customer. After the customer has removed his or her outfit, the massage therapist will then carefully pour oil or lotion on the customer’s body, especially on the area that he or she will work at during the session.

A good massage therapist will always ask his or her customer how they are doing and feeling before, during and after the massage therapy session. You should also play your part in having a good cooperation with your massage therapist to have a satisfying therapeutic massage experience. In case you are getting hurt from a strong pressure of kneading, you can always let your massage therapist know how you feel.

It is common in most massage sessions that the customers are asked to lie down because of the fact that the back area is the first part to be worked with. Gentle strokes will sometimes tickle you which are normal. After your massage therapist is through with the back part, he or she will then move to your legs. Remember to ask for additional lubricant in case you are getting rubbed in hard because of the lack of oil or lotion. The next area would be some front parts of your body, those individuals who are new to the experience will sometimes get a tickled feeling during the session as their body gets stimulated easily from touching. As soon as the session is finished, the customer is given enough time to relax and wear his or her clothes back while the massage therapist leaves the room. When the customer is ready, he or she will then be escorted out of the room.

A good massage therapy session will last from 40 to 90 minutes which can be enjoyable and relaxing. This is why most people go to the saloon and spa to relax and unwind after a long day of hard work. This is a good way to clean up your body from the muscle pains and stress as well as the lactic acid buildup that eventually causes pains all over your body.

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