What is a Swedish Massage?

A Swedish massage therapy is by far the most popular and most used technique in massaging a person. This is the most common offered service on a massage parlor and spa especially to the beginners and those who haven’t yet tried any type of massage therapy.

The method done during a Swedish massage is to maintain a gentle yet consistent long strokes and a kneading motion on a step by step procedure. This procedure especially on public massage places usually begins by asking the person being massaged to remove his or her clothes and carefully lie comfortably face down on a special padded massage table with a hole where you can fit your face inside. This table is designed for a comfortable session as you will not have any difficulty breathing while lying face down on the table. The medium used as lubricant for this type of massage is similar to all other methods of massaging which is light oil or lotion. This is obviously to have less friction as you rub the skin of the person while doing the massage routine. The massage routine usually starts from the top of your back as you will begin lying face down. The massage therapist will gently start with long, smooth strokes on your back and gently finish by kneading areas on your back. In case you are uncomfortable with the pressure, your massage therapist exerts, you can kindly tell him or her so that he or she will know how you are feeling. You can also request for additional oil or lotion in case you are getting rubbed hard on the skin due to the lack of skin lubricant. The massage session will finish after your massage therapist finishes on the frontal areas of your body such as your chest, neck, arms and legs. Soon after that, you will be given an ample time to relax and take on your clothes back before you go out of the room.

You will feel relaxed and happy after your therapy session as it does really works well on all people. This is because it provides a good oxygen circulation on the body of the customer which in return results to a good body condition. You can now say goodbye to muscle pains as they can be easily relieved after a good, warm body massage at the local massage parlor and spa.

The cost for having a Swedish massage usually depends on where you are having your session and who does the service. Some saloons charge a bit higher than the others although the cost isn’t really your primary concern; it is also a good thing to do to look for saloons that offer more affordable services yet satisfying enough.

Make sure that you have consulted with your doctor first before you engaged in this type of relaxing therapy as some people are not qualified for this although we might think that it will be beneficial to all. Accomplish all the necessary preparations to ensure a satisfying session at the massage saloon.

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