What is an Aromatherapy Massage?

Aromatherapy massage is a method of massage therapy that uses certain essential oils and scented candles for the purpose of releasing stress with the use of beneficial scents. This practice dates back to the Ancient times where they use herbal extracts as ointments on patients as they believe that these certain herbs have healing properties when inhaled. Although unlike today where our modern massage therapists can use scented candles, the ancient people only have the herbal extracts applied as ointments on the body of the patient although there are studies indicating the burning of herbs.

How it is done

During an aromatherapy massage session, the room is lit with certain scented candles that aid on whatever purpose the massage therapist need. There are scented candles that help in calming, energizing, uplifting the patient and many more. The massage therapist also prepares the essential oils that he or she will be using on the patient throughout the whole duration of the massage therapy session. Like any other massage therapy, an aromatherapy massage also requires the patient to take off his or her clothes and lie down on the padded massage bed. The massage therapist will then apply the prepared essential oil on the skin of the patient and slowly begins to massage as he or she conditions the body of the patient for the massage therapy. Various massage strokes will then be used on the body of the patient to relieve stress and muscle pain. After the session, the patient will put on his or her clothes and will be escorted as he or she exits the room.

Just like a Swedish massage therapy or any other type of massage method, the same preparation is made in order to enjoy and have a comfortable massage therapy session.

Eating a light meal or going to the spa on a half full stomach is the ideal thing to do if you are planning on having a wonderful experience at the spa.

Arriving earlier than the scheduled time should be made as you will need to fill out some forms or you can also use this time to know your massage therapist and get comfortable with him or her. Arriving late is a bad idea and should be avoided as you will definitely not enjoy your massage therapy session.

Do some research on herbs and essential oils so that you will know what you want for your aromatherapy session. You can always ask or suggest to your massage therapist your preferences for your session. Most of the spas allow their customers to select what scents and essential oils they want to use for their massage therapy.

Expect a revitalized and calmed new you after a good time of aromatherapy massage session. You will surely love the scent coming up your nostril which gives signal through your limbic system and in return influences your emotions and relieves your emotional stress. The massage therapy also is great as you can now say goodbye to your body pain.

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